Max Healthcare & IIM Kashipur partner to offer a dedicated hospital operations program

Healthcare sector in need of specialized programs to address the evolving needs in hospital management

New Delhi: India’s healthcare sector has shown substantial growth and is increasingly gaining prominence on the global stage. However, to ensure the sector is able to deliver world-class services, a steady flow of top-notch professionals is required to manage operations.
Realizing the need to cater to the increasing demand for skilled operations managers in hospitals, a Post Graduate Executive Programme in Hospital Management offered jointly by Max Healthcare and IIM Kashipur seeks to provide the healthcare sector with competent and committed professionals.
The government has prioritized expanding healthcare infrastructure and implementing public health initiatives, leading to increased investments in hospitals, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and health technologies. According to a report by the Boston Consulting Group and B Capital, the Indian healthcare industry is projected to reach a value of $37 billion (Rs 3.08 lakh crore) by 2030.
Despite these advancements, the healthcare system faces challenges such as limited infrastructure, shortage of healthcare professionals, and evolving customer expectations. The increasing need for qualified professionals in the healthcare industry has led to the creation of specialised courses designed to meet the sector’s distinct requirements. Consequently, there is an increasing need for trained individuals capable of managing the dynamic and challenging environment within hospitals and other healthcare facilities, leading to a demand for specialised programmes in hospital management that can prepare aspiring healthcare professionals for leadership roles.
Taking note of the evolving demands, Max Healthcare decided to tie up with a hallowed institute like IIM Kashipur to offer a programme that would equip aspiring healthcare professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills, and managerial expertise to excel in the challenging field of hospital management. It offers a comprehensive blend of theoretical concepts, practical case studies, and industry exposure, providing participants with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry.
The programme covers healthcare operations management, quality and patient safety, finance, marketing, and strategic management, empowering participants to cultivate a diverse skill set and strengthen their leadership and managerial abilities. To cater to working professionals, the programme provides a blended learning approach, incorporating classroom sessions, online modules, and interactive discussions. This approach enables participants to manage their professional obligations alongside their education effectively. The curriculum reflects the most up-to-date trends and practices in hospital management, ensuring that participants acquire pertinent knowledge and skills to succeed in their roles.
Umesh Gupta, Senior Director-HR and Chief People Officer at Max Healthcare Ltd, said: “As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, our commitment to develop, nurture, and empower skilled leaders has never been more crucial. The collaborative initiative with IIM Kashipur to introduce the PG Executive Program in Hospital Management stands as a testament of our dedication in equipping aspiring professionals with the specialized knowledge required to excel in the dynamic realm of hospital management.”
The partnership between Max Healthcare and IIM Kashipur highlights their commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare industry and providing a platform for healthcare professionals to advance their careers in hospital management.