Mettler Toledo to hold webinar on safe chemical processes in labs

The Lab division of METTLER TOLEDO has announced a new live webinar on creating safer chemical processes at scale by using thermal analysis techniques


New Delhi: A new live METTLER TOLEDO webinar on May 19th will explore thermal analysis techniques that help determine process risk early in development. This insight into thermal behavior can help ensure safety when processes are eventually implemented at plant scale. The webinar will be presented in English three times throughout the day to allow participation from around the globe. The list of presentations be accessed by registration on thermal analysis webinars webpage.

Thermal runaway reactions have played a primary role in several severe chemical plant accidents in recent years. Learn how methods including differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and reaction calorimetry (RC) can be used to investigate chemical processes in the lab in this free, live webinar from METTLER TOLEDO.

Thermal analysis experts will review the complementary techniques of DSC, TGA and RC. These high-potential screening techniques can be used to assess thermal safety aspects of chemicals and chemical processing, providing a window into a reaction’s true heat release patterns. The insights gained allow the set-up of robust processes that work within plant capabilities. This helps to prevent the loss of life and environmental degradation caused by thermal runaway and subsequent explosions.

As per the release from METTLER TOLEDO, the basic concepts of safety analysis, including time to maximum rate and reaction criticality, will also be reviewed. To sign up and learn how thermal analysis can be applied to ensure process safety, or to register for one of METTLER TOLEDO’s other upcoming live thermal analysis webinars, one can visit thermal analysis webinars webpage.