Over 50% of Indian adults suffer from metabolic disorders: AIIMS CMHE

Personalized nutrition revolution offers hope for India's metabolic crisis, empowering millions in India to take control of their health

New Delhi: A recent Continuing Metabolic Health Education (CMHE) held at AIIMS, New Delhi, brought together leading experts who explored the fascinating realm of personalized nutrition and its potential to revolutionize metabolic health.
The CMHE explored the intersection of traditional Indian dietary practices with modern scientific advancements, highlighting how ancient wisdom can inform modern lifestyles as over 50% of Indian adults suffer from metabolic disorders.
Dr. K.P. Kochhar, Professor & Head of the Department of Physiology at AIIMS, highlighted the importance of traditional practices such as yoga and Ayurveda in managing metabolism. She explained that the human body is a complex ecosystem, and our ancestors understood the importance of living in harmony with nature. Dysfunctional metabolism, the root cause of chronic metabolic diseases, occurs when external factors like nutrition, sleep, activity, and stress disrupt vital chemical processes. Ayurveda’s concept of ‘dosha’ recognises each individual’s unique constitution. By adopting healthy lifestyles, mindful eating, and traditional dietary staples like millets and spices, we can promote optimal metabolic health. Focusing on whole, unadulterated foods allows our bodies to function optimally.
Dr. Maluk Mohammed, Co-Founder & CEO (India) of TWIN Health, advocates for healing chronic metabolic diseases at their root cause, which can reverse these conditions. He introduces the Whole Body Digital Twin as a tool to target and improve external factors like nutrition, sleep, activity, and stress, which contribute to metabolic damage. By restoring these factors, the body’s chemical processes return to normal, reducing negative effects and reversing organ damage and metabolic diseases.
Dr. Mohammed highlights the limitations of current standard care, which often treats these conditions as lifelong burdens with progressive symptoms and unpredictable complications. Over 50% of Indian adults alone suffer from at least one such condition, including 101 million with diabetes, 315 million with high blood pressure, and 254 million with generalized obesity. Traditional medications like metformin manage symptoms but fail to address the root cause. TWIN Health’s approach, inspired by diabetes reversal studies, uses a data-driven, personalised method with digital twin technology to track protein movement at the cellular level. This approach aims to heal disrupted metabolism, potentially reversing chronic metabolic conditions and promoting a healthier future for millions.
Ms. Kanika Malhotra, a Clinical Nutritionist, Health Advisor, ACHE emphasised the vital role of personalised nutrition plans. Drawing on her experience, she highlighted how identical foods can affect individuals uniquely. She advocated for a holistic approach, considering individual metabolic footprints and micronutrient needs.
Ms. Malhotra stressed the significance of early-life nutrition for long-term health. She stated, “As a dietician, I’ve seen how personalised diets can differ in outcomes for individuals. This underscores the need to understand metabolic differences. Micronutrients are crucial for metabolism and health. Our ancestors understood this, consuming diverse diets. By blending tradition with personalised nutrition, we can enhance metabolic health.”
The AIIMS CMHE conference showcased the future of metabolic health, blending traditional wisdom with modern technology. Ayurveda and AI-driven personalised nutrition plans offer insights for optimal health. This fusion empowers individuals to manage their health effectively. Personalised nutrition marks a new era, moving away from generic approaches. It allows tailored solutions for vibrant health, potentially reversing chronic metabolic diseases. This future is data-driven and offers exciting possibilities for personalised, optimal metabolic health.