RapidRx a secure prescription app for doctors, pharmacists and patients

The free to download RapidRx app from Saince HealthTech can be found in Google Play and AppleApp Stores. It offers convenience to doctors to electronically prescribe drugs to patients in a secure manner; in turn the patients receive prescription as a text message to procure drugs from the pharmacist

Mr Raghuvir Vedantham, President and CEO, Saince Health Tech at the launch.

Hyderabad/New Delhi: Hyderabad based Saince Health Tech has announced the launch of an innovative mobile based electronic prescription application, RapidRx.

This mobile app along with a web portal will enable physicians to prescribe medicines electronically to patients in any type of care setting like a hospital, clinic or even tele medicine.

RapidRx app is developed by Saince HealthTech, a subsidiary of Saince, Inc., a USA corporation, rated as one of the fastest growing companies in America by INC. Magazine. The company is an award winning enterprise that focuses on intersecting the practice of medicine with information technology and has its operations in India and US.

Unveiling the RapidRx features, Raghuvir Vedantham, President and CEO, Saince HealthTech said “The unique feature of this application is accessibility of a first ever comprehensive database of over 26,800 licensed drugs sold in India that include generics, brands, strengths, intake menthod and dosage. It is a very intuitive app that enables doctors towrite prescriptions in few seconds.”

RapidRx offers many benefits and can mean a lot to doctors, patients and chemists. Importantly, it minimizes medication errors, a leading cause of prescription related complications. Our goal is to push its adoption to doctors and patients, Raghu adds. Saince believes that healthcare apps are going to be most effective when used in union with physician and will go a long way in improving patients’ health habits.

According to Raghu Vir “The motivation behind the development is to easily solve preventable Rx related challenges in markets like India, where neither the patient nor the doctor have access to a mobile technology to keep track of patients’ past records despite the fact that many physicians and patients already using smartphone and tablet applications.”

Today, increasing drug over prescription or over usage incidences are a result of non-availability of patients’ past records at the point of care. This simple app from Saince HealthTech will help a registered doctor and the patient to keep track of all prescriptions including the history leading to better utilization of harmful drugs and minimize side effects.

Talking about convenience of RapidRx app, Raghu concluded, “Majority of us are on phone all day, and we all find it easier to keep track of many things we do daily in a digital form. It’s much easier than keeping one or more paper prescriptions with you, and folding it and refolding it into your pocket or losing it altogether.”

RapidRx app is a result of collaboration among developers, physicians and many experts in healthcare. Funded by internal accruals, Saince will continue to invest in its further development to add many more features to its seamless functions and applicability.

Saince’s solutions have achieved market leadership in medical imaging and other specialized healthcare delivery areas inIndia since the launch of its solutions in India 2 years ago. Currently over five and half million medical images per year are processed using Saince’s solutions. Saince’s solutions are available in various deployment models including cloud and enterprise.

Saince Healthtech’s development and delivery centres in Hyderabad and Vijayawada employs 165 professionals. Going forward the company plans to double its employee strength in both the cities and step up revenues from its Indian operations.