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Women leaders building sustainable & inclusive food system globally

The industry will have to push forward with a greater vigour for facilitating new products as it will help to reach out to more women farmers

Agribiotech stands ignored in India: Dr Usha Zehr

In her comments on the current stalemate on genetically modified crops in India, Dr Usha Barwale Zehr, Director and Chief Technology Officer, Mahyco called for a better clarity on the regulations around usage of modern technologies in agriculture............

Mahyco’s innovation day showcased its latest seed technologies

With an aim to educate the farmers about company's innovations, the leading seed firm, Mahyco organised a 3 day event to showcase its seed technologies.....

#AgriTechTalk Experts discuss agriculture biotechnology scenario on Twitter

In a first of its kind online deliberations organized by the agribiotech company, Mahyco India...