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Institute of Heart & Lung Diseases partners with Krafton India for...

This collaboration signifies a crucial stride in the fight against TB, utilizing collective resources of Krafton India & IHLD for implementation

Has open spitting culture in India contributed to the rise of...

Public unsanitary conditions such as spitting, lack of sunlight in the house due to dense settlements, poor condition of public toilets are many factors that contribute to the problem of tuberculosis

Bharat Biotech begins clinical trials of Spanish TB vaccine, MTBVAC in...

MTBVAC is being developed for two purposes: as a more effective and potentially longer-lasting vaccine than BCG for newborns, and for the prevention of TB disease in adults

India implementing largest digital programme for TB surveillance, say officials

Experts discussed the latest innovations, challenges, & collaborative solutions in the fight against TB at NHWIC-2024 held at AIIMS, Delhi

Missing TB cases in India reduced from 1 million in 2015...

On India's commitment towards ending TB by 2025, the Union health minister said that under its G20 Presidency, the country diligently advocated & addressed selected concerns of global importance

Mylab’s MDR-TB test integrated into National TB Elimination Program

The inclusion of the PathoDetectTM kit in the National TB Elimination Program marks a pivotal moment in India's commitment to combating tuberculosis

Revvity launches its T-SPOT.TB test for latent TB screening in India

Officially launched during the 46th edition of MICROCON in Lucknow, the test identifies individuals with latent TB who are at risk of developing active infection and treating them is a crucial component of the disease elimination

Experts stress on introducing BPaL treatment regimen in India’s TB Control...

Indian TB Patients are still waiting for the BPaL Treatment Regimen despite its acceptance in 70 countries

Survivors against TB urges PMO to take immediate action to address...

Reports have continued to surface indicating a severe shortage of essential anti-TB medications, including Linezolid, Clofazimine, and Cycloserine

India’s mycobacterium tuberculosis tests market to grow at 4% CAGR through...

With a staggering 2.64 million reported cases in 2022, tuberculosis remains a formidable public health challenge