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Advanced tech to enable deep tissue imaging during surgery

Researchers have developed a novel rigid endoscope system for visible-to-over-thousand-nanometer hyperspectral imaging for advanced medical procedures

Groundbreaking solutions emerge at Ninjacart’s AgriTech hackathon

175 teams across the country registered for Ninjacart Hackathon, all girls’ team from Kurukshetra University, Haryana wins first place

ICRISAT shines spotlight on India’s intellectual property landscape

The institute aims to foster inclusive growth—advocating for stronger policies, efficient IP Management, robust licensing agreements, and effective technology transfer mechanisms.

Niqo Robotics leads Asia in agricultural spot spraying and commercializes 90,000...

Niqo's flagship Niqo RoboSpray™ sprayer leverages AI and deep learning to identify target areas and deliver precise chemical applications directly to plants, minimizing waste and environmental impact

Hearing care provider Hearzap hits 100 stores, aims 2X growth by...

With plans to establish 250 stores nationwide by FY 26 and 500 in the future, Hearzap anticipates 2x growth in the next three years and aims to make hearing healthcare accessible to all

Walmart backed Ninjacart empowers Philippine Agritech Firm Mayani with strategic investment...

Ninjacart will also support Mayani’s expansion efforts and jointly establish an integrated Asian agri-food supply chain that would catalyze more digital innovations geared to address Asia’s complex food basket

In a first, Amul to produce & launch its fresh milk...

This partnership between the two cooperatives will bring the Amul to millions of Americans through its branded fresh milk products in the United States using MMPA's superior technology

ICRISAT welcomes new chapter as International Year of Millets concludes

Through over 100 events held in 35 countries, IYM2023 was successful in illuminating the resilience, nutritional prowess, and environmental benefits of millets

T-Hub and Medtronic partner to drive health-tech innovation in Hyderabad

Collaboration to fuel growth and entrepreneurship in India's thriving health-tech startup ecosystem

India’s food security demands water-intensive crops, say experts who call for...

DCM Shriram Foundation and Sattva Knowledge Institute have undertaken a comprehensive study to understand the complexities of water scarcity and the use of water in Indian agriculture