Bangalore INDIA BIO 2016

9-10-11 February 2016 | Bengaluru | India


The Biotechnology sector of India is on a strong growth trajectory and is one of the most significant sectors in enhancing Indias global profile as well as contributing to the growth of the economy. Indias biotech sector has attracted significant amount of attention over the past two decades with global companies aggressively joining hands with Indian companies due to Indias strong generic biotechnology potential.

The country is pushing forward for the next breakthroughs in Life Sciences from basic science to digital health, from aging research to cancer treatments, from approaches in the lab to access at the hospital, from food security to food surplus and from energy alternatives to sustainability and the biotechnology industry in India has immense potential to emerge as a global key player. With all the support, government initiatives and determination to excel, India can soon attain global leadership in providing affordable healthcare and innovative medicines, quality food and feed for all.

The 16th edition of Bangalore India Bio will showcase this journey of global growth with the aptly chosen theme “Whats trending in Biotech India.” The 3 day Event will showcase the NEW, the EXCITING and the FUTURE developments in the Sector. The event will bring together the Who’s Who of the Biotech fraternity to sketch the landscape for each of the three areas Bio Pharma, Bio Agri and Bio Services, identify challenges and opportunities – from funding into basic research to regulatory and policy action – and draft a roadmap for the sectors growth.