CSIR-CDRI hosts Student-Scientist Connect program

Students learnt about career opportunity in field of drug discovery and development

New Delhi: A Student-Scientist Connect program was organized in CSIR-CDRI Lucknow under the CSIR JIGYASA project on June 2, 2023. CSIR-CDRI invited a batch of 61 Students along with 4 faculties from Subhash Chandra Bose Institute of Higher Education, IIM Road, Lucknow.
The purpose of this program was to enhance classroom learning through research laboratory-based learning. JIGYASA is an innovative program that engages young talents in scientific research at an early age and builds the human resources needed to strengthen and expand the science and technology approach.
Dr. Sanjeev Yadav, Senior Scientist and coordinator of JIGYASA program at CSIR-CDRI, initiated the program with an introductory talk about CSIR-CDRI.
Dr. Sanjeev informed students by offering a plethora of information about various drugs prepared by CDRI. He informed about the contribution of Institute in Drug discovery and Development, the major one is “Sahali” which is world’s first non-steroidal contraceptive. He talked about various career fields which students can opt as per their strength, whether they can work with industries after completion of graduation or they can go for higher study. Some career fields are Biomedical Researcher, Medicines Adviser, Patent Attorney, Forensic Scientist, Regulatory authorities, Patent Attorney, Quality Control Chemist, Quality Assurance, Medical Science Liaison, Pharmacovigilance, and many more. Academician can also be a bright career for them where they can transfer their knowledge to the next generation.
He said, as India became the Pharmacy to the world so, all the youngsters have great opportunities in the field of Pharmacy. Further, he explained how a molecule is converted into medicine and how the various scientists work as a team to make this molecule to a novel drug. He also gave the information on how they can start their journey with CSIR-CDRI.
Further, participants visited various labs and interacted with the scientists and saw the hands-on experimentations. In the Division of Microbiology, Dr. Y K Manju, Principal Scientist, interacted with the students and gave a presentation on Tuberculosis. Dr. B N Singh also added some important aspect about disease control. Research fellows explained the use of various equipment, their handling with proper protection, and related nitty-gritty of experimentations to the participants. They explained their research on Leishmania, Filariasis. Later on Participants visited the insectarium where technical officer Mr. Rishi Narayan informed about the rearing of mosquitos of different species for Malarial and Filarial research.
Participants also got the opportunity to interact with Dr Rajdeep Guha, Principal Scientist, during their visit to Laboratory Animal Facility. He explained the contribution of Laboratory Animal in Drug Discovery and Development. Technical officer, Mr. Chandrasekhar Yadav demonstrated various animal models required for research. He informed that CDRI conduct some short term animal handling course in which they can enroll themselves which would increase their employability and better chances to get job.
At the end of program students and faculties gave feedback on overall experience of CDRI visit.