ERLYSIGN gets CDSCO approval for large-scale clinical trials for oral cancer detection technology

The company also secures patents for Oral Cancer Detection Kit in India and the US

New Delhi: ErlySign, a pioneering biotech start-up located in Nagpur, announces a significant milestone in the fight against cancer with approval from the Indian regulatory agency CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) for its active salivary biomarker study designed for early cancer detection.
Following a comprehensive year-long investigation and based on in-house validation data of 150 test samples, the Indian Regulatory Authority CDSCO has granted permission to ERLYSIGN to proceed with large-scale clinical trials. Notably, during the initial studies, ERLYSIGN’s active salivary biomarker study showcased remarkable performance, demonstrating a sensitivity of 98% and an unparalleled specificity of 100%.
The proprietary technology developed by ERLYSIGN promises to revolutionize cancer detection through its advanced approach. With patents secured in both the United States and India for their Oral Cancer detection kit, ERLYSIGN’s commitment to innovation is evident. Moreover, the company’s dedication to advancing cancer diagnostics extends to its Lung Cancer Detection Kit, for which a patent is currently pending. This pending patent underscores ERLYSIGN’s ongoing efforts to expand its innovative contributions to cancer detection, aiming to provide cutting-edge solutions to healthcare challenges.
ERLYSIGN’s dedication to advancing cancer detection technology is further exemplified by its recent developments, including the launch of an automated multi-sample reader for its oral cancer detection kit. This innovation streamlines the testing process, allowing multiple tests to be processed within a mere 15-20 minutes.
“Our mission at ERLYSIGN is to provide an easy, accurate, affordable, and painless solution for early cancer detection,” says CEO of ERLYSIGN Shubhendra Singh Thakur, “Our active salivary biomarker study, now approved by CDSCO, marks a significant step towards achieving this goal. With our technology, individuals can now detect precancerous conditions even before the appearance of any oral lesion or tumour formation, empowering proactive intervention and potentially saving countless lives” he further added.
ERLYSIGN’s oral cancer detection kit offers a semi-quantitative approach, allowing for the assessment of pre-cancerous conditions through saliva biomarkers. Results are provided as Low, Moderate, or High risk, providing individuals with actionable insights into their cancer risk profile.
This approval from CDSCO underscores ERLYSIGN’s commitment to advancing cancer detection technology and bringing transformative solutions to the forefront of healthcare. With continued innovation and dedication, ERLYSIGN remains at the forefront of the fight against cancer.