FACE TO FACE: Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Founder & CEO, EzeRx

Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Founder and CEO of EzeRx, decodes the company's revolutionary product, EzeCheck, claimed to be the world's first non-invasive hemoglobin testing device

In a highly insightful conversation with Rahul Koul, Chief Editor, BioVoice News, Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Founder and CEO of EzeRx, decodes the company’s revolutionary product, EzeCheck, claimed to be the world’s first non-invasive hemoglobin testing device. This AI-enabled portable device provides a pain-free, blood-free, and affordable solution to check hemoglobin levels within a minute. Costing less than a pack of juice, EzeCheck is designed for easy operation, and accessible to anyone without professional assistance, contributing to reduced medical wastage.

Key Questions
♦ What inspired you to found EzeRx? Please take us briefly through the journey so far?
♦ Company’s flagship product EzeCheck claims to be the world’s first non-invasive device for hemoglobin testing. How and when was the device developed and what are its unique features and benefits? Can you share the technical details, validation and way forward)
♦ Why is the product needed in rural areas, Tier 2, and 3 cities in terms of relevance and impact?
♦ Your collaborations with the Himachal government, Univ of Rajasthan?
♦ Revenue generated from the EzeCheck so far and company’s overall growth expectations in current fiscal and upcoming FY2024-25?
♦ How do you look at the Indian medical technology market, growth opportunities and the challenges that come with it?
♦ How do you view the policy landscape, make in India, PLI scheme, regulatory scenario? Expectations from the state and central government?
♦ Your future outlook for the company and medical technology market in India?

About Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra:
Partha is a visionary technocrat and the driving force behind EzeRx Health, a Biotech and Med-Tech startup founded in 2018. He aims to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and necessary for everyone around the globe, irrespective of their socio-economic status. As the Founder and CEO, Partha’s responsibilities span across various domains, such as technological innovation, leadership, strategy and vision, mentorship and inspiration, business development, and project management.
Partha brings extensive experience in designing, developing, and delivering complex data warehouse and business intelligence projects. He has successfully led large teams across shores and has worked closely with some of the Fortune500 companies, including Grant Thornton LLP, ITC Infotech, and Capgemini, among others.
In 2018, Partha embarked on a mission to eradicate Anemia by leveraging next-generation AI. He developed EzeCheck, a non-invasive portable device capable of detecting Anemia within less than a minute, without requiring a single drop of blood from the human body. Today, with over 2 products across 4 countries and 1400+ installations, EzeRx Health has touched more than a million lives.
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