FOGSI unveils comprehensive immunization schedule for women and new mothers

Actress Kajal Aggarwal champions women’s health to enhance awareness and prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases, backed by MSD Pharma collaboration

New Delhi: The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) has released a comprehensive immunization schedule specifically designed for adult women and new mothers. The schedule, launched in collaboration with MSD Pharma, provides a detailed list of essential vaccines and their recommended frequencies to protect women from various preventable diseases.
Following the launch, the speakers engaged in a panel discussion on the ‘Importance of Immunization & Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Women’. A report highlights that women spend 25% more time in poor health compared to men. Vaccination can help change this and safeguard women from vaccine-preventable diseases, contributing to an improved quality of life.
The event, held in Mumbai, was graced by actress and women’s health advocate Kajal Aggarwal. Kajal Aggarwal, speaking at the event, emphasized, “Women should take proactive steps to protect themselves from preventable diseases like cervical cancer. I urge all women, regardless of age or stage in life, to consult their gynecologist today to learn more about the right vaccines for them.”
Dr. Jaydeep Tank, President, FOGSI, remarked, “The launch of FOGSI’s updated immunization schedule for women represents a significant milestone in the preventive health for women. This comprehensive resource will provide a clear actionable roadmap to both women and doctors resulting into an increased awareness about vaccination. Immunization is critical in protecting women against vaccine-preventable diseases and thereby helping reduce its burden in India.”
Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, Immediate Past President of FOGSI and currently FIGO Trustee (Asia – Oceania) added, “Vaccination is recommended at different life stages to protect against infectious diseases. The adult vaccine coverage is almost negligible in India and this needs to change. There is an urgent need to sensitize people and health care providers on adult vaccination as these can help save millions of lives in India.”
Rehan A. Khan, Managing Director of MSD India Region, highlighted, “Managing one’s health can be challenging without proper information, but with tools such as the immunization calendar, it can be made simpler. We urge all women to consult their healthcare professional to understand the steps they can take to better protect themselves.”
Dr. Madhuri Patel Secretary, General of FOGSI emphasized, “The period after birth is a crucial stage in every woman’s life. After birth a woman’s body undergoes changes in the immune and hormonal system, which increases the risk of infection. For example, 31% of women after birth are at a high-risk of an HPV infection 2 . Thus, vaccination plays a crucial role in a new mother’s health. The immunization schedule specifically highlights vaccinations that are of utmost importance to new mothers.”
Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Past President of FOGSI & Immediate Past President of ISAR stated, “Lack of dedicated adult vaccination centres is an impending factor. It is crucial hence to set up dedicated adult vaccination centres that cater to adolescents, adults, and the elderly. An effective approach to bridge the gap between the expected and actual rates is to expand the number of vaccine delivery sites equipped with special walk-in service and extended hours.”
“Over 2 out of 3 Indian adults are not aware of adult vaccination, many still think that vaccines are only for children. Concerted efforts are therefore required to improve the awareness of public in general and Healthcare Practitioners regarding Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs) and the benefits of adult vaccination, thus addressing the issue of low vaccine coverage, particularly in women.” said Dr. Rishma Pai, Past President of FOGSI.
Dr. Priya Ganeshkumar, Chairperson of the FOGSI Oncology Committee, stressed, “Studies have shown that increasing physicians’ knowledge and awareness on vaccines significantly improves vaccination rates. It’s because of this that FOGSI decided to provide their member gynaecologists the FOGSI Handbook on Prevention & Management of Cervical Cancer and has also recently launched FOGSI FOCUS PLUS on Adult Women Vaccination.”