Fortis introduces South Asia’s first Gamma Knife Esprit

Advanced radiosurgery offers swift, non-surgical treatment with minimal side effects and same-day discharge

New Delhi: Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) has introduced South Asia’s inaugural Gamma Knife Esprit, a pioneering advancement in the treatment of brain tumours.
Developed by Elekta, this state-of-the-art technology sets a new standard in neurosurgery by providing precise, non-invasive treatment that minimizes damage to healthy brain tissue.
The Gamma Knife Esprit uses computer-guided precision to target brain tumours and other abnormalities without the need for traditional surgery. It is particularly effective for treating malignant and benign tumours such as multiple brain metastases, meningiomas, acoustic tumours, and pituitary adenomas. Unlike traditional radiation therapy that requires up to 30 sessions, Gamma Knife radiosurgery consolidates treatment into a single session with same-day discharge, significantly enhancing treatment efficiency and patient comfort. Moreover, it can address multiple metastases in one session, regardless of their locations, while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissues. This approach preserves motor, sensory, and neurocognitive functions, enabling rapid recovery and improving the overall quality of life post-treatment.
This advanced and streamlined system offers a guaranteed precision of 0.3 mm, delivering radiation doses to healthy brain tissue that are significantly lower—2 to 4 times less—than those of other technologies, along with extracranial doses that are 2 to 21 times lower. This unparalleled accuracy and precision of the Gamma Knife reduce the risks of toxicities and side effects to normal brain tissue. With a proven track record, Gamma Knife Radiosurgery maintains a success rate of over 95% in controlling brain tumors and other conditions over a decade, ensuring long-term relief and reassurance.
Dr. Sandeep Vaishya, Director of Neurosurgery at Fortis Gurgaon, emphasized, “This advanced technology brings a level of precision to neurosurgical procedures that were previously unattainable, targeting brain tumours with pinpoint accuracy. The Gamma Knife Esprit minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissues which is crucial for reducing potential side effects. By drastically cutting down recovery times, we are not only improving clinical outcomes but also enhancing the overall patient experience.”
Anil Vinayak, Group COO of Fortis Healthcare, highlighted, “Deploying the first Gamma Knife Esprit in South Asia is a testament to Fortis Healthcare’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies in neurosurgery and holistic cancer care. Our commitment extends beyond just offering advanced treatments; it encompasses providing comprehensive care that enhances the overall patient journey and outcomes.”
The inauguration ceremony of South Asia’s first Gamma Knife Esprit at Fortis Memorial Research Institute was attended by Jan Thesleff, Ambassador of Sweden to India, who praised the collaboration stating, “This landmark introduction of precision radiosurgery technology, the first of its kind in South Asia, underscores the transformative impact of our partnership and FMRI’s dedication to advancing healthcare excellence. Swedish companies are renowned for their leadership in healthcare innovation, and through initiatives like this, we are collectively bridging gaps in advanced medical treatments, ensuring patients in the region have access to cutting-edge care.”