G20 Summit 2023: Takeda emphasizes diversity, equity & inclusion as essential elements of work culture

The biopharmaceutical leader shared its expert perspective at the Equality Lounge at the G20 Summit

New Delhi: Takeda Biopharmaceuticals India was invited to a dedicated session on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) conducted in collaboration with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) at the G20 Summit.
During this session, experts from Takeda and other healthcare organizations discussed strategies for overcoming challenges that hinder advancements in the DE&I space, provided solutions to facilitate substantial transformation, and shared valuable insights on preparing women for careers and achieving gender parity in the continually evolving healthcare industry.
Highlighting Takeda’s global stance on DE&I in the forum, Takako Ohyabu, Chief Global Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer at Takeda said, “As a global company, we strive to have a workforce as diverse as the talent pools in the communities where we operate and the patients we serve. At Takeda, we are committed to embracing differences, exploring possibilities, and developing our colleagues. We understand that our long-term success depends on building an inclusive environment where all our colleagues are welcomed, empowered, and inspired to use their unique voices and talents. Health equity cannot be achieved without embracing DE&I. This is how we discover innovative approaches to serve our patients, customers, and communities.”
Dr Ruchi Sogarwal, Head of Corporate Affairs at Takeda Biopharmaceuticals India said, “Furthering our participation in the G20 Health Working Group events, Takeda is honored to contribute to the critical dialogue on DE&I which is essential not only for the society but also for the healthcare industry. Takeda continues to stay committed to the development agenda being led by India through the G20 presidency.”
Takeda’s representation at the Equality Lounge at G20 Summit resonates with its objective to catalyze positive change by fostering diversity, equity and inclusion on a global scale. With operations spanning over 80 countries, the company strives to cultivate an environment in which all employees enjoy the opportunity to thrive, develop, and grow based on merit, potential, and aspiration, regardless of background (such as gender, age, nationality, race, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or lifestyle).