Gateway to medical devices training opens in Vizag

The 3rd series of LEARN workshop was organized by Kalam Institute of Health Technology on 1st and 2nd March 2019 in Kalam Convention Center at AMTZ campus Visakhapatnam


Visakhapatnam: The Kalam Institute of Health Technology organized 3rd series of LEARN workshop on 1st and 2nd March 2019 in Kalam Convention Center at AMTZ campus, Visakhapatnam.

The previous 2 editions held earlier drew huge response. The 3rd workshop in March 2019 was no exception with 40 participants representing different companies and institutes were treated to a full program with four scientific sessions focusing on issues and possibilities around clinical use, development, calibration and maintenance of the Ventilator and Defibrillator followed by open discussion around some of the latest trends and innovations within the industry in combination with excellent networking opportunities. In addition, there were two product teardown sessions which allowed for an in depth understanding of the components and remains to be the top pick of the attending participants when asked which session they liked the most.

The advantages of this teardown approach were claimed to contain better information for process design, clear justification of the process and product specifications, and well-structured process and product knowledge for the participants. A GE model of ventilator was provided by Bio Vision medical systems and a Defibrillator was provided by Nihon Kohden for the product tear down session.

The workshop opened to an insightful session on the need for Ventilation and Defibrillation from a clinical and technical perspective. Day two of the workshop started with the session on ECG followed by a technical deliberation and demonstration of defibrillator.

Dr A.P. Naveen Kumar, Chief specialist (General Medicine), VSG Hospital; Mr K Venkatraman, Managing Partner – Technical, Bio Vision Medical Systems; Mr Amarnath Reddy, Sales & Marketing Executive,  Nihon Kohden; Mr Anbuchezian, Sales Manager, MM Medical Systems, Mr M.S.R Dikshit, Assistant Director, KIHT; Mr Harikanth Pasinibilli, Technical officer, KIHT; Mr S. Dinesh Technical Officer, KIHT; where the key speakers of the workshop. The two-day workshop concluded with the valedictory address by Dr Jitendar Sharma, executive Director, KIHT & MD & CEO AMTZ.

The workshop concluded with potentially an even bigger impact on the research and development that could come from such elaborate medical device product specific workshop. In summary, the 2019 LEARN III series was considered to be one of the most interesting workshops, judging from the feedback from several returning workshop visitors. All of the participants wanted to have a next series soon. The conference organizers have already started the search for a new medical device for the next workshop.