GOQii forges a strategic partnership with SRL Diagnostics

This partnership will work towards an objective of improving clinical outcomes of the patients suffering from diabetes and overall quality of life

Mumbai: GOQii, a leading smart-tech-enabled preventive healthcare company that is focusing on Digital Therapeutics, has entered into a strategic partnership with SRL one of the leading diagnostic company.
The strategic partnership between GOQii and SRL diagnostics will extend to where SRL Diagnostics will be the diagnostic partner for all tests booked by the patient through the GOQii App and specifically the HbA1c tests for the GOQii Diabetes Care programme.
GOQii in association with SRL Diagnostics offers a two way partnership where SRL will also offer GOQii’s diabetes care programme visibility across their centres pan India for walk-in patients.
Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO of GOQii said, “We are thrilled to announce GOQii’s partnership with SRL Diagnostics and more specifically for HbA1c tests for GOQii Diabetes Care Programme. This collaboration is aimed at improving chronic disease outcomes by inculcating the discipline of regular testing. At GOQii, we strive to assist people manage their medical conditions or ailments such as diabetes better and take accountability of their health with external help and expert guidance. The association further aims towards improving patients’ quality of life and outcomes even more.”
Speaking about the partnership, Anand. K, CEO, SRL Diagnostics said “SRL Diagnostics has pioneered a slew of concepts through the last two and half decades. This strategic alignment is in line with our core vision of enabling superior care. Through this partnership with Goqii, we are pleased to empower patients with accurate lab insights that will enable them to take control of their health and well-being.”
Statistics show that while the world diabetes rate is growing at 57% with India leaping ahead of the world rate at 74%. In India, 10.4% of the adult population has diabetes.  With a population of 83 million afflicted by Diabetes &  52 million in the developing stage of diabetes & a national average of HbA1c that stands at 8.5%, India is home to second largest population of diabetes patients.
As per GOQii’s latest India Fit Report 2022, people suffering from lifestyle diseases namely Diabetes have seen an increase from 7.9 % in 2017 to 13.2% in 2021 over the past five years. Report indicates men have greater rates of diabetes at 14.5% vs Women. The study was done among over 5 million users. Diabetes is influenced by a number of variables which include a bad diet, stress, and lack of physical exercise and quality sleep. Obesity, advancing age, and a poor diet are all factors that contribute to Diabetes.
GOQii recently launched this first of its kind integrated diabetes care programme to help people manage their diabetes and take ownership of their health with external help and expert guidance. The programme priced at Rs 6999/- comes with the offering of a Smart Vital Plus device, a connected Glucometer with 10 test strips, doctor consult, 2 HbA1c tests and 6 months personalised diabetes coaching. Once enrolled into the Diabetes Care Programme, the patient gets trusted and trained assistance for the Diabetes Journey to improve diabetes outcomes (Lower blood sugar levels, HbA1c, lipid levels) & other metabolic parameters (Lose weight, reduce BMI, more energy).
Monitoring blood glucose levels regularly helps people with Diabetes adapt their diet and exercise, monitor the effects of Diabetes medications & understand the impact of stress & illness on blood sugar levels. The patients will be handheld on their journey with personalised advice by their coach on Nutrition, Physical Activity, Medication compliance by Nutritionists, Regular Diagnostics all leading towards helping the patients reduce their HbA1C levels.