IPL Biologicals announces MOU with Gujarat govt for developing agro biologicals facility

Investment of 400 Crores in Gujarat to propel sustainable agriculture and environmental health

New Delhi: In a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture, IPL Biologicals, a leading player in the agro biological industry has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government to establish a state-of-the-art Biofertilizers, bio pesticides, Biofungicide, Microbial growth promoter facility in the region.
The MOU was signed in the presence of Chief Minister of Gujarat by Videh Khare, Mission Director, Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission. The investment of 400 Crores underscores IPL’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly farming practices and enhancing soil and environmental health.
Aligning with the national goal of adopting the most organic and sustainable practices by 2030, IPL Biologicals envisions the MOU with the Gujarat Government to develop a new facility as a significant contributor to sustainable agriculture. The major focus of the first phase of production will be on biologicals agriculture products, followed by probiotics and enzyme products. The project shall be on reducing chemical usage in the agribusiness sector and providing safe food production to the world.
Talking about the MOU, Harshvardhan Bhagchandka, President of IPL Biologicals said, “As we embark on this transformative journey with the Gujarat government for the establishment of a new bio-fertilizer & bio-pesticide production facility in Gujarat, we are driven by a profound commitment to redefine the future of agriculture. Our vision goes beyond traditional boundaries, encapsulating a holistic approach towards sustainable farming practices.”
He further added “Our commitment to Global Standard Manufacturing is a testament to our aspiration to produce high-quality products that meet and exceed global standards. This manufacturing unit will fully automated state of the art facility, probably best in the world and it will not only contribute to the local economy but also elevate India’s standing in the global arena of biotechnology.”
The development and operational commencement of IPL Biological’s agro-biological production facility is scheduled for mid-2025, exemplifies a meticulously planned and strategically executed timeline. A pivotal aspect of IPL Biological’s sustainability strategy focuses on energy efficiency. The facility will serve as a beacon in this regard, integrating LED lighting and solar power solutions. Harnessing solar energy not only reduces the carbon footprint but also aligns with global efforts to transition towards renewable energy sources. In tandem, IPL Biologicals is committed to advanced water management, incorporating state-of-the-art Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facilities. This pioneering approach ensures that no liquid effluents are released into the environment, underscoring IPL Biologicals’ dedication to responsible industrial practices and environmental stewardship.
IPL Biologicals is set to create over 500 direct and indirect jobs, fostering skilled and scientific communities and driving regional economic growth. The multifaceted efforts aim not only to meet but exceed stakeholder expectations, playing a pivotal role in constructing a sustainable and prosperous future.