Medikabazaar inaugurates new central distribution center in Kolkata

Aims to strengthen its commitment to affordable healthcare in India

New Delhi: Medikabazaar, a leading B2B online platform serving the healthcare industry, has officially opened its new Central Distribution Center (CDC) in Kolkata on March 8th. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Dr Somnath Chatterjee, Director of Suraksha Diagnostics Pvt Ltd.
The establishment of the Central Distribution Center in Kolkata symbolizes Medikabazaar’s commitment to expanding its presence in the eastern region of India. By enhancing its footprint, the company aims to bolster its supply chain network and further its dedication to ensuring that healthcare services are accessible and affordable to all.
Vivek Tiwari, Cofounder and CEO of Medikabazaar, expressed his enthusiasm about the new Central Distribution Center, stating, “The opening of our CDC in Kolkata marks a significant milestone for Medikabazaar as we aim to better serve the healthcare industry in the eastern region of India. This initiative reflects our ongoing efforts to strengthen our supply chain network and enhance our support for healthcare providers in this region.”
In his address at the inauguration ceremony, Dr Somnath Chatterjee shared his perspective on the significance of the new facility, emphasizing the importance of improving healthcare access and affordability.
He stated, “I am honored to inaugurate Medikabazaar’s Central Distribution Center in Kolkata. This initiative signifies a positive step towards addressing the healthcare needs of the community in the eastern region. I commend Medikabazaar for their commitment to making healthcare more accessible and affordable for all.”
The new Central Distribution Center in Kolkata is poised to play a pivotal role in Medikabazaar’s mission to streamline healthcare supply chain operations and foster industry growth in the region. As a key player in the healthcare sector, Medikabazaar remains dedicated to innovating and expanding its services to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and institutions in India.