Merck signs exclusive OEM agreement with BioDuro

Merck has signed a supply and OEM agreement with BioDuro, LLC, on exclusive terms, for worldwide distribution of AISF ([4-(Acetylamino)phenyl]-ImidodiSulfuryl diFluoride), a convenient, shelf-stable, crystalline reagent

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New Delhi: In an exclusive deal, Merck has signed a supply and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with BioDuro, LLC, for worldwide distribution of AISF ([4-(Acetylamino) phenyl]-ImidodiSulfuryl diFluoride), a convenient, shelf-stable, crystalline reagent for the synthesis of fluorosulfates and sulfamoyl fluorides. AISF was developed through a research collaboration with Pfizer Inc.

While fluorosulfates have immense potential applications, from chemical biology to polymer chemistry, the currently utilized method of synthesis relies on the use of sulfuryl fluoride gas. Because sulfuryl fluoride gas is a colorless, odorless and toxic gas that requires specialized equipment and additional safety precautions when using, this potentially valuable functional group has previously not been fully evaluated or broadly adopted.

Three key attributes were sought for a solid reagent that could be an alternative to sulfuryl fluoride gas: 1) the reagent must demonstrate comparable or improved reactivity to sulfuryl fluoride gas; (2) it must be a crystalline, shelf-stable and easily manipulated solid and (3) it must be readily accessible for manufacturing on a large scale from commercially available starting materials.

AISF is a stable, crystalline solid that allows for a user-friendly fluorosulfonation reaction set-up, and it has excellent substrate scope. The reagent is easily manipulated in an open atmosphere and is stable at ambient temperature as either a solid or in solution, over a prolonged period of time.

Merck will be BioDuro’s exclusive, global OEM partner of AISF.