Miacare-world’s highest oxygen transmissibility contact lens launched in India

As per the manufacturer, BenQ Materials, the contact lens has highest oxygen transmissibility up to 187.5 Dk/t due to its patented technology


New Delhi: Eyeing the opportunity and with the aim to eliminate contact lens related discomfort and risks,  BenQ Materials launched their contact lens brand called Miacare, which literally means ‘My Care’ in India.

As a leading optical material manufacturer, BenQ Materials says that it integrates its core technologies and resources while introducing Miacare contact lens products to the market. The brand delivers a revolutionary technology that perfectly combines silicone molecules with hydrogel, without the use of solvents.

As per the press release from BenQ Materials, the Miacare contact lens features the highest oxyen transmissibility up to 187.5 Dk/t. due to patented EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology.

Dr Z C Chen, Chairman & CEO – BenQ Materials said: “Our idea of innovation has never been competitor/competition focused, because you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being ‘People’ focused allows us to be pioneering. We understand the hypoallergenic concerns and high oxygen needs for contact lens wearers and then coming up with Miacare to bring comfortable, healthy and beautiful solutions to contact lens wearers.”

In addition Miacare SOHO and DELIGHT, Miacare Relux (Si-Hy,) which is the world’s first and only blue-cut silicon-hydrogel contact lens, will be available to the Indian market in the first quarter of 2018, and by third quarter, Miacare will bring Silicon-Hydrogel color contact lens in India, said Mr Dheeraj Mudgil, Sr. Manager-BenQ Materials.

Centre - Dr. Z. C. Chen (Chairman & CEO – BenQ Materials) launching MIACARE edited

“Vishnu Traders” & “Vision Source” will be Miacare’s official distribution partners in India.  Mr. Lalit Kalra (Dayal Opticals-MD), Mr Sanjeev Madan (Bon-Ton-MD), Mr. Sandeep Pahwa (Laxmi Optical-MD) & Mr Alok Binani (Himalaya Opticals-MD) were all present at this launch event and promised to provide the best services and products for Indian contact lens wearers.

In the upcoming months, BenQ Materials will be launching its 2 other brands called AnsCare which is a range of “Professional Advanced Wound Care” products and DermaAngel which is “Acne  Skincare” range, targeting India market in 360 degree.