mTatva’s SimboAlpha wins NASSCOM Innovation Challenge for prescription digitization

Designed with patent pending technology, SimboAlpha enables doctors in creating voice based Electronic Medical Records in less than 30 seconds

Bengaluru: mTatva’s, a pioneer in explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been honored as the winner of NASSCOM CoE’s Healthcare vertical Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC) for Prescription Digitization.
SimboAlpha is a cloud-based API (Application Programming Interface) technology platform. It allows Electronic Medical Record providers, Health App providers and Hospital chains to bring smart voice-based EMR to their doctors. SimboAlpha is based on Artificial Neural Networks and is trained on 10 million+ recordings, it supports native and all Indian English accents. Trained on International and Indian clinical terms, SimboAlpha’s prescription digitization is highly accurate even in noisy environments, with 2.58% Word Error Rate (WER) and 3.16% Sentence Error Rate.
Through Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC), NASSCOM CoE aimed to focus on creating a competitive edge & operational excellence for the hospitals by enabling collaborative and frugal innovation. This initiative enabled hospitals to nominate use cases relevant to them, which was then followed by curation & evaluation of technology-led innovative solutions and enable their deployment to address the nominated use cases. Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC) received 125 applications from various healthcare start-ups across the country with solutions to the problems in six specific areas shared by the participants’ hospitals.
Commenting on the win Baljit Singh, CEO and Co-founder, mTatva said, ” We are delighted to have mTatva’s SimboAlpha cloud-based API(Application Programming Interface) technology win NASSCOM CoE’s Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC) for Prescription Digitization”.
Baljit further added, “SimboAlpha is the most transformative technology to be launched till date for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and healthcare providers in India. This will enable the healthcare stakeholders to disrupt the way clinicians approach documentation”.Simbo uses in-house Speech-to-Text engine and advanced clinical NLU trained from 10 million+ audio recordings. It is available as a cloud-based API so that it can plug-in into any existing Healthcare Information System (HIS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software system.