Pune to host Symhealth 2017 event focused on global healthcare

The conference will provide an opportunity for stakeholders beyond academia and industry, to exchange insights, present emerging opportunities, make networking connections, and to share resources


Pune: The city is soon going to host a major event on the healthcare trends and various aspects related to its delivery to masses. Organized by the Symbiosis International University, the Symhealth 2017 is an international conference on healthcare in a globalizing world.

The objective of the event to be held on May 4, 5 and 6 at the Symbiosis’s Faculty of Health & Biomedical Sciences is to explore enriching healthcare delivery through an interdisciplinary approach. Te organizers say that it reflects their belief that in order to facilitate available, affordable and accessible healthcare delivery, one needs to stay abreast of developments in other disciplines in this very well connected & knowledgeable world.

Symhealth 2017 is thus a step towards forging new dialogues with various stakeholders of the healthcare community beyond academia, both in India and abroad, bringing in new insights and perspectives from other fields, offering a platform on which to foster intellectual fellowship amongst all stakeholders and most importantly being the instrument of global advances in healthcare.

The event aims at addressing an impelling need for the application of interdisciplinary approach to the education and training of healthcare professionals. The conference will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange insights, present emerging opportunities, make networking connections, and to share resources.

SYMHEALTH 2017 conference focused on global healthcare delivery will be held on May 4 5 & 6 at Pune.

The interactive panel discussions are divided across eight track sessions, each led by experts. You will notice a rich variety in the subjects of the sessions, each as relevant to health care as the other, ranging from Law and Economics to IT and Engineering. I am sure that the Research paper presentations and poster presentations will enable exchange of ideas and provide impetus to interdisciplinary work across domains.

“I compliment the Faculty of Health and Biomedical Sciences (FoHBS), Symbiosis International University (SIU), for organizing SYMHEALTH 2017. This theme ‘Enriching Healthcare Delivery through an Interdisciplinary Approach’ encapsulates an important subject within the wider domain of ‘Healthcare in a Globalizing World’,” mentioned Prof Dr S B MujumdarFounder & President, Symbiosis in his message. “It is befitting that the University would convene an event that marks the significance of integrating ideas and information from across many dimensions. This is in consonance with our guiding mission of forging international understanding through quality education.”

Note: The BioVoice News is the official media partner of SymHealth 2017 Conference. The post-event coverage will be featured in the June issue of BioVoice eMagazine.