Shealth.AI promises to enhance diagnostic accuracy with AI technology

The new AI platform aims to improve efficiency and speed and reduce cost in medical settings, backed by seed funding from XVC.Tech

New Delhi: Healthcare industry veteran Sheetal Chand, with over 22 years of experience in Research, Technology, and Molecular Laboratory Management, has launched Shealth.AI, a pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare platform.
This innovative startup aims to transform the healthcare sector by significantly improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing costs, and enhancing the speed of medical processes.
Shealth.AI has secured an undisclosed amount of seed funding from XVC.Tech, which will support the development and deployment of its cutting-edge AI technologies. The platform leverages advanced tools such as private data vectors, GPT algorithms, prompt engineering, and imaging-based learning models to revolutionize healthcare delivery.
The core mission of Shealth.AI is to make primary healthcare more accessible and sustainable. By integrating AI-driven solutions, the platform aims to reduce diagnostic costs by up to 30% and diagnostic time by 50%, thereby improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services.
Shealth.AI’s Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy focuses on enhancing healthcare delivery through advanced technology. The strategy includes deploying AI-driven tools such as virtual health assistants, medication management systems, and digital consultation services. The primary targets for Shealth.AI are healthcare institutions including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare administrations.
The GTM strategy involves direct engagement with these targets through partnerships, direct sales, and participation in healthcare conferences and seminars. Additionally, Shealth.AI focuses on educational initiatives to inform healthcare providers about the benefits of AI integration in medical practices.
At the recent Medlab event in Dubai, a leading healthcare industry conference, Shealth.AI garnered significant global interest. Over 25 hospitals and healthcare providers worldwide expressed eagerness to integrate Shealth.AI’s proprietary AI architecture, which is integrated with a private cloud, into their facilities. 
Early adopters of the platform have already reported impressive results, with an 85% increase in diagnostic accuracy and a 52% improvement in patient outcomes. These early successes underscore Shealth.AI’s potential to revolutionize diagnostic practices and improve patient care.
Sheetal Chand, Founder and CEO of Shealth.AI, expressed, “We are excited to introduce Shealth.AI as a leading force in healthcare innovation through AI technology. Our platform aims to revolutionize primary healthcare by enhancing accessibility, affordability, and accuracy. We are confident that Shealth.AI will become an essential tool for hospitals, doctors, and practitioners globally.”