Syngenta India launches agriculture drone spraying awareness drive using 100 drones across Punjab & Haryana

The Syngenta drone yantra is travelling in Punjab and Haryana and is targeting to cover approx. 10,000 farmers across multiple districts about the benefits of drone spraying

Drone Awareness Drive launched in Punjab by Vijender Singh, Indian Boxer and Olympic Bronze Medalist. Joined by Team Syngenta India.
New Delhi: In a mega demonstration of the significance of drones in agriculture, Syngenta India launched a special awareness drive by simultaneously using 100 drones across Punjab and Haryana to spray its advanced crop protection solution – Incipio. With this Syngenta has taken another pioneering step towards advancing sustainable agriculture.
With the increasing role of drones in boosting agricultural productivity and empowering farmers, this initiative aims to equip farmers of Punjab and Haryana with benefits and implications of modern farming practices and also educate farmers about the transformative potential of drones in farming, including efficiency improvements, cost reductions, and the promotion of sustainable practices. The Syngenta drone yantra is travelling in Punjab and Haryana and is targeting to cover approx. 10,000 farmers across multiple districts about the benefits of drone spraying.
The chief guest, Vijender Singh, Olympic Bronze Medalist in Boxing, lauded Syngenta India’s efforts in raising awareness about drone technology in agriculture. While complimenting Syngenta for this unique drive, Singh said, “Drone will become a game-changer for agriculture for it will not only provide new employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth, but will also enhance efficiency for our farmers, and help in their yields.”
The Olympian, himself hailing from an agriculture background, applauded Syngenta for helping farmers with technology and innovative products like Incipio and Simodis for paddy and vegetable crops respectively. Based on the new age PLINAZOLIN® technology, these products offer effective defence against various pests, ensuring improved yields and crop quality. These are developed to efficiently meet the challenges arising from climate change and pest resistance, which are responsible for major crop losses every year.
Incidentally Singh owns farms in Punjab and Haryana where he follows latest agriculture practices using modern technology.
During the launch event, live demonstrations showcased the precision and efficiency of drone spraying. Over 600 farmers from Macchiwara in Ludhiana district participated in the demonstration, underlining their keen interest in harnessing innovative technologies for enhanced agricultural practices. Mr. Susheel Kumar, Country Head and Managing Director of Syngenta India, emphasized the pivotal role of technology in achieving sustainable agriculture. He said that Syngenta India is at the forefront of enabling farmers to embrace innovation, not only for a greener future but also for increased productivity and improved income. Highlighting the significance of technology integration in agriculture, Mr. Kumar noted that the world faces escalating food demand and environmental challenges. He underlined how technology adoption in agriculture can ensure food security, resilience, and resource-efficient farming systems.
Syngenta India’s drone spraying initiative involves deploying an impressive fleet of 500 agricultural drones across the country, making it the largest agri-drone fleet in India. The company has also trained 150 drone pilots to support this endeavor.
Sachin Kamra, Head of Farmer Centric Ecosystem at Syngenta India, highlighted the company’s commitment to technology-driven progress. He mentioned the launch of drone spray solutions and the successful implementation of commercial spray services across several states, including Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. He said that 2643 acres have been sprayed commercially so far using Syngenta’s drone technology. In 2022, Syngenta’s Drone Yatra covered 13 states completing a milestone of 17,000 km to create awareness of drone spraying among farmers. “We aim to strengthen and expand the drone ecosystem by collaborating with manufacturers, suppliers, and technology providers. This involves working closely with industry experts to improve drone capabilities, enhance operational efficiency, and address any technical limitations,” he added.
With such initiatives, Syngenta India continues to play a crucial role in ushering in a new era of sustainable and technology-driven agriculture, ensuring the prosperity of farmers and the environment alike.