Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Bugworks & Cytecare Cancer Hospitals to co-develop cutting-edge immuno-oncology therapies

The outcome of this translational research will guide the first-in-human trials, expected to commence in early 2024

Cytecare Cancer Hospital launches “Comprehensive Oncology”

Cytecare says it strongly believes in the crucial role played by supportive care in oncology that not only helps the patient fight the disease physically and mentally but also positively impact treatment outcomes............

A workshop to encourage young cancer researchers

Cytecare Cancer Hospitals in association with Australia & Asia Pacific Clinical Oncology Research Development (ACORD) hosted a workshop on ‘Clinical research writing’ at Bengaluru........

Bengaluru doctor treats a rare form of skin cancer

The Bengaluru based Cytecare cancer hospital has claimed that its doctor, Dr Anthony Pais has successfully treated a rare form of skin cancer – Syringocystadeno carcinoma paplliferum with the tumour size being 5 kg........