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The Healing Code: Rise of the Smart Hospitals

Not just a technological marvel but smart hospitals represent a transformational shift in healthcare delivery. We take you through the latest trends in this space

BioVoice eMagazine September 2023 | Issue 9 | Volume 4

The Cover Story decodes the smart hospital concept and the latest trends on adoption of automation and digitalization within Indian hospitals. Read the series of power-packed interviews featuring leading industry figures, Subodh Gupta of Lord’s Mark Microbiotech; Ajaykumar JK of Vellon Space, Anantha Nema of Veeva Systems, Dr Sabahat S. Azim of Glocal Healthcare; & Rajnikant Shah of Medtech Life.

EHR market set to grow, says latest report

As per a report by Transparency Market Research, the ease of maintaining patients health records could boost growth for Electronic Health Records in the near future.............  

Work on centralised health record system for citizens is on, says...

The union health ministry has revealed that out of the total cost of Rs 23.59 crore required for setting up of National Resource Centre for EHR Standards, Rs 4 crores have been released to Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune for the purpose...………...

Working on standardization of electronic health records: Health ministry

As per the union health ministry, it would ensure the advent of the envisaged system of electronic health records of citizens in an inter-operable manner pan-nation as well as its online availability and accessibility

Tiny steps towards patient electronic health record system in India

The government of India has advised the states to work on computerisation and implementation of hospital information system for creating electronic records in their hospitals......

BioVoice eMag September 2016 Issue-5 Volume-1

BioVoice eMag September 2016 Issue-5 Volume-1:  This edition of BioVoice is mostly focused on healthcare policy in India. The detailed cover story analyses the importance...