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Revvity launches its T-SPOT.TB test for latent TB screening in India

Officially launched during the 46th edition of MICROCON in Lucknow, the test identifies individuals with latent TB who are at risk of developing active infection and treating them is a crucial component of the disease elimination

Hospital Acquired Infection control needs to take center stage in India:...

As per the National Center for Biological Information (NCBI), a nearly 30% increase in the mortality rate in hospitals can be attributed to poor infection management

BioVoice eMagazine September 2023 | Issue 9 | Volume 4

The Cover Story decodes the smart hospital concept and the latest trends on adoption of automation and digitalization within Indian hospitals. Read the series of power-packed interviews featuring leading industry figures, Subodh Gupta of Lord’s Mark Microbiotech; Ajaykumar JK of Vellon Space, Anantha Nema of Veeva Systems, Dr Sabahat S. Azim of Glocal Healthcare; & Rajnikant Shah of Medtech Life.

IIT Guwahati researchers develop 3D printed device for rapid diagnosis of...

The device can measure and identify the type of bacteria in a UTI suspected patient in 5 minutes compared to conventional detection, which uses urine culture that requires a few days

Roche Diagnostics launches first-of-its-kind dual antigen & antibody diagnostic test for hepatitis...

The Elecsys®HCV Duo immunoassay enables significantly earlier diagnosis of active HCV infection, making it possible to get patients appropriate care sooner to stop both the disease progression and transmission  

World’s first reported case of Rhodoturula Meningitis alongwith CMV Meningitis in...

This is second reported case of CMV meningitis diagnosed via Biofire (an infection and inflammation of the lining of the brain, caused by a virus named CMV -Cytomegalovirus) in the world

New method of visual detection of SARS-CoV-2 can identify the infection...

Popularly used gold standard techniques such as RT-PCR and ELISA are usually time-consuming, require skilled labor, specific equipment and are not feasible for on-site detection

Indian researchers identify better drug treatment for ‘Severe Scrub Typhus’

A major public health threat in India and other South Asian countries, it is estimated that in endemic regions, about a Billion People are at risk of contracting the infection, and 1.5 lakh people die from it every year

Study identifies gene that could help fight lethal infection Candidiasis

Named CSA6, the gene has been identified in Candida albicans, a fungus notorious for causing high morbidity and mortality rates under certain immuno-compromised conditions

Immunization a key prevention strategy to mitigate Japanese Encephalitis: Experts

Japanese encephalitis (JE), a vector-borne disease - spread by infected mosquitoes - results in a viral brain infection and can lead to non-repairable neuron damage if severe or left untreated. Across India, 1,500 to 4,000 cases are reported annually.