BioPrime AgriSolutions and Yara India join forces to tackle climate risks in agriculture

In a strategic alliance, BioPrime AgriSolutions and Yara India aim to offer sustainable farming solutions, leveraging technology to combat weather uncertainties and enhance crop yields and resilience

New Delhi: In a bid to address the pressing challenges posed by climate uncertainties in agriculture, BioPrime AgriSolutions, a pioneering ag-biotech startup, has announced a strategic collaboration with Yara India, a subsidiary of the world-renowned crop nutrition leader, Yara International.
This partnership aims to leverage BioPrime’s cutting-edge SNIPR technology-based solution, “Chiron,” alongside Yara India’s extensive expertise in crop nutrition to offer sustainable farming solutions and bolster crop yields amidst unpredictable weather patterns.
Chiron, developed by BioPrime, harnesses the innovative SNIPR technology, utilizing small molecules to effectively modulate plant responses. This revolutionary formulation acts swiftly to enhance flower count and optimize flower-to-fruit conversion, resulting in a significant boost in crop yields. Moreover, Chiron contributes to improved qualitative parameters such as uniformity of produce and higher-grade output, translating into increased profitability for farmers. By mitigating the impact of climatic uncertainties, Chiron provides farmers with a reliable solution to achieve superior crop yields even in the face of changing and challenging agricultural conditions.
Dr. Renuka Diwan, CEO of BioPrime, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with Yara India to deliver sustainable solutions built on the back of nature for the benefit of farming community. Together with Yara India, we have the huge opportunity to cater to the unmet needs of the farmers facing the brunt of weather uncertainties leading to loss in yield”.
Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director of Yara South Asia, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of the partnership in driving innovation and sustainability in agriculture. “We are delighted to announce Yara India’s strategic partnership with Bio Prime, a leading player in biostimulants. This alliance signifies not just our mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability, but also a shared vision of a greener future for India. Yara India is committed to enhancing crop nutrition and soil health, ensuring healthier crops and improved livelihoods contributing to a nature positive food future.”, he remarked.
The partnership between BioPrime AgriSolutions and Yara India marks an important milestone in the agricultural sector, heralding a new era of innovation and sustainability in farming practices.