nurture.retail revolutionizes agri-retail with innovative solutions

India's leading B2B agri input marketplace digitally onboards over one lakh agri retailers, empowering rural retailers with NEFT integration, end-to-end tracking, and extensive reach to remote areas

New Delhi: In a significant achievement, nurture.retail has solidified its position as India’s #1 Pure-play B2B agri input marketplace, revolutionizing the landscape of rural agri-retail. With a mission to empower rural agri-retailers, nurture.retail has digitally onboarded over one lakh agri retailers across the country, offering them access to a wide range of products and services.
The platform boasts a comprehensive catalog of over 3000+ brands, encompassing 9000+ SKUs and 30+ exclusive products across various categories such as Crop Protection, Crop Nutrition, Seeds, Farm Equipment, and Animal Feed. Serving in 19,000 pin codes nationwide, nurture.retail has extended its reach to even the remotest corners, where traditional e-commerce giants have yet to penetrate.
With a monthly engagement of over 34,000 retailers and direct connections to manufacturers, nurture.retail offers a comprehensive solution. Its full-stack approach includes plug-and-play options, facilitating formal credit access to over 15,000 retailers through collaborations with innovative fintech firms. By leveraging AI/ML technology and analyzing over 400 million data points, the platform deeply understands rural needs and tailors its solutions accordingly.
As industry pioneers, nurture.retail has innovatively introduced NEFT payment integration, boosting customer convenience significantly. This feature reflects their deep understanding of buyers’ needs. Agri-retailers now enjoy the flexibility of placing orders round the clock, ensuring timely access to essential supplies. What sets nurture.retail apart is its end-to-end order tracking system, a unique offering that alleviates customer concerns.
Moreover, nurture.retail’s extensive outreach extends to remote pin codes, surpassing even the reach of e-commerce giants. This expansion grants multinational corporations and local brands on the platform unprecedented access to previously untapped markets.
Ankit Laddha, Head of nurture.retail, emphasized the platform’s commitment to supporting rural agri-retailers. “The core mission of nurture.retail has always been to support rural agri-retailers by bringing world-class products to their doorsteps with the convenience of ordering through a mobile app. Our platform is designed to empower retailers by providing comprehensive support, including access to credit, insurance, and ledger facilities for better account management and doorstep delivery. The fast, efficient, and reliable network distribution services available at nurture.retail continue to be a catalyst in fulfilling our mission,” he stated. 
nurture.retail sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface and end-to-end order tracking feature, which alleviates customer anxiety and ensures timely delivery. With a focus on bridging traditional practices with modern technology, nurture.retail acts as a catalyst for the digital transformation of agri-retailers, facilitating their success in the digital era.
Looking ahead, nurture.retail is optimistic about deeper engagements with users and aims to forge new partnerships to enhance its offerings further. By simplifying the connection between top-tier agri-input providers and local agri-retailers, the platform seeks to boost productivity, efficiency, and resource savings in the agri-input supply chain.