Elanpro launches 2 variants for portable COVID vaccine freezers

Runs on vehicle batteries and sustain a temperature range from 2 Degree Celsius to -86 Degree Celsius

New Delhi: Gurugram-based Elan Professional Appliances, India’s one of the leading commercial refrigeration company, launches two Portable COVID Vaccine Freezer – an  IOT-Enabled Portable COVID Vaccine Freezer with temperature range from 2 Deg C to -20 Deg C and a Portable COVID Vaccine Freezer maintaining temperature only at – 86 Deg C. Both the portable products are equipped with advanced features maintaining efficiency and efficacy of the vaccine.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), due to temperature control, logistics and shipping-related problems, more than 50 percent of the vaccine is likely to go for waste globally each year. Elanpro provides high-performance purpose-built refrigerators, freezers, and ultra-low freezers that are designed to meet current and impending standards from WHO.
“With the introduction of these portable vaccine freezers, it is an initiative to provide an aid to the government to help maximizing the vaccine drive for COVID-19 to reach every Indian. As a citizen of India, we should not have to compromise when it comes either to storing vaccines or delivering them,” said Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director at Elanpro. “Vaccines are required to be stored at highly specific temperatures to remain effective. Any deviation from this can have an impact on a vaccine’s efficacy and, at worse, render it in-effective. With Elanpro’s Portable COVID Vaccine Freezers, it is an excellent solution in preserving the vaccine’s efficacy,” he added.
Designed to store and distribute vaccines at maximum strength and effectiveness to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, Elanpro’s IOT Enabled Portable COVID vaccine freezer is a versatile product. The newly launched product is light weight and can be installed easily. Additionally, the freezer can also be used for other vaccines. Another benefiting feature of the product is that it can easily be converted into a refrigerator.
The product comes with an IOT enabled remote which helps in monitoring temperature as per the requirement. The freezer runs on vehicle batteries and sustains a temperature ranging from 2 Deg C to -20 Deg C. Also, this highly advanced product sends a notification via email and SMS if the temperature variance is observed. It is also equipped with an alarm to alert for variance in temperature monitoring.
The other variant of COVID Vaccine Freezer is one of it’s kind unique portable solutions. Understanding the need of the hour, this product is specifically designed for COVID vaccine programme. The product runs on vehicle batteries and can only be maintained -86 Deg C. Supporting and benefiting the government in controlling COVID, this newly launched product is efficient and maintains vaccine efficacy.  The newly launched product is also embedded with a data logger.
Both the products are designed as a solution enabling the government bodies to reach out to the farthest corner of the country without waiting for the infrastructure to be developed. These solutions come from 2 Liters to 100 Liters battery freezers (portable freezers) for delivering vaccines at 2 Deg C, -20DegC or -86Deg C with high precision temperature controllers.
Embedded with advanced technology and features, these portable vaccine freezers provide a unique solution to maintain the efficiency of the vaccine.