HITLAB Innovators Summit held at IIT Delhi

Top healthcare and innovation leaders gathered at the conference that culminated in HITLAB World Cup India, rewarding technological breakthroughs that improve healthcare access and delivery


More than 100 world-class healthcare and technology experts met recently at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi on August 07, 2015 for the HITLAB Innovators Summit India, exchanging transformational ideas on digital health. The conference culminated in the HITLAB World Cup India, which rewarded three winners for original concepts designed to improve healthcare access and delivery in India and across the globe.

“We were honored to host this exciting event, which featured a variety of healthcare experts, all of whom shared our mission to address pressing global healthcare challenges,” said Nishita Rai, Ph.D., Executive Director of HITLAB, a healthcare innovation and teaching lab.

Luminaries included Guest of Honor Sanjiv Kumar, Executive Director of the National Health Resource Center and WHO Collaborating Center India; Keynote Speaker Shailja Dixit, Executive Director, Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Actavis; Keynote Speaker Supten Sarbadhikari, Project Director, Centre for Health Informatics, National Health Portal, India;  Kaustubh Patil, Medtronic India Development Centre (Bangalore), Anurag Asthana, Site Director- Medtronic India (R&D Centre Hyderabad) ; M.P. Gupta, Professor at IIT; Guruprasad S., General Manager, Healthcare Practice, Robert Bosch Engineering Solutions, India; Rahul Mullick, Chief Technology Officer, India Programs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and many others. They exchanged ideas on:

  • Technology trends and their ability to revolutionize Indian healthcare
  • Not-for-profit models in healthcare and their impact on Indian society
  • Investment strategies for innovation adoption in healthcare and much more.

“Digital health, mHealth, and medtech are moving at a tremendous pace in India, demonstrating the potential to revolutionize health delivery and outcomes in the country,” said Laura Pugliese, M.P.H, Manager, Innovations at HITLAB. “It was fascinating to see government groups, multi-lateral agencies, pharmaceutical companies, private investors, startups, foundations, universities, hospitals, and medtech corporations interact at the Summit, all of whom are working toward a common goal: improving the impact and reach of mobile and digital health technologies.”

Sahil Kapoor, M.B.A., M.S., Manager, HITLAB India and Summit Director, announced the winners of the HITLAB World Cup India. Mr. Kapoor noted, “Finalists in this challenge represent the best in healthcare innovation, offering new approaches that are not only visionary but practical. Our World Cup produced inspiring ideas with real-world applications.”

“HITLAB is more than encouraged not only by the ideas that were elicited at our Summit in India, but also by public response to the event, which has gained much attention on social media and in academic circles,” said Rai. “We’re looking forward to our signature event December 3-4, 2015, the HITLAB Innovators Summit in New York City, where transformational ideas will no doubt continue to emerge.”

Winners received seed funding of 20,00,000 INR and mentorship from HealthStart India.