Hope has new legs: A programme to donate prosthetic limbs

Round Table India and Ladies Circle donate 800 prosthetic limbs as a part of their 38th Annual Limb Donation project


Bengaluru: Just Rs 1,000 could help someone walk. This is the single most powerful message the Round Table India and the Ladies Circle want to convey, with their annual limb donation project. Every year, the organizations come together to collect donations in order to help persons with disabilities access medical care and prosthetic limbs and to help them live a fuller life. The larger goal is to empower individuals and society and thus create a better future.

BRT 7, one of the oldest tables in Round Table India, has been doing great projects including Community Service projects over the last 40 years. The 38th edition of the Annual Limb Donation Project contributed more than Rs 8,50,000 – which will be used to donate over 800 limbs.

The cheque was handed over to Karnataka Marwari Youth Federation, at Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Miller’s Road, under the leadership of Sandeep Bothireddy, Chairman of BRT7 and Chairperson, LC 19, Goldy Bothireddy. The event saw several celebrities lending their support to the cause, including actress Priyanka Upendra.  It was also attended by various circlers from the circles of Area 6. Namrata Shenoy, National President of Ladies Circle India and Rotarian Dheeraj Bajaj were also present on the occasion.

Over the years, the organizations have jointly donated over 10,000 limbs to deserving persons with disability and have had a great positive impact on the quality of life on individuals and society. Speaking at the event, Priyanka Upendra said, “The power to bring change is in each of us. The power to create a better society is in each of us. Which is why I had no hesitation in joining this important cause and hope many others will follow suit this year and in the years to come.”

The Chief Guest for the event, Namrata Shenoy, echoed her sentiments and added, “We believe empowering persons to lead better lives is the best way to impact society. All a person requires is Rs. 1,000 for a limb. We are happy to see many of our members and other individuals have come to the event and have donated. We hope more people come to our future projects and help be the change the society needs.” Chief guest of the donation drive, Rotarian Dheeraj Bajaj, said, “Such initiatives are centred on improving society and ensuring a just and equal future. It is my pleasure to be a part of this limb donation drive, organised by Round Table India and the Ladies Circle. We hope the public supports this initiative in the future and we achieve a truly empowered society.”

Those who are interested can donate Rs 1,000 per limb via online transaction. All donations to Ladies Circle and Round Table India are tax exempt under Sec 80 G.