IFFCO partners Marut Drones for agri drone spraying in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

The strategic partnership aims to service 5 lakh acres of farmland, enhancing farming practices, empowering rural entrepreneurs, and boosting agricultural productivity through innovative drone technology

New Delhi: In a notable stride towards modernizing agricultural practices in India, the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has forged a strategic alliance with Marut Dronetech to undertake drone as a Service (DAAS) operation across an extensive area of 5 lakh acres.
This pioneering collaboration signals a transformative shift towards sustainable and technology-driven farming methods in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana.
Under the agreement, Marut Dronetech will deploy its cutting-edge drone technology to administer various agricultural inputs developed by IFFCO Agri-products. The primary objective of this initiative is to optimize crop yields while minimizing environmental impact, thereby promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
A key aspect of this partnership is the creation of demand for rural entrepreneurs who have already invested in drone technology. Additionally, it aims to encourage local communities to become Drone Service Providers, fostering self-employment opportunities and economic empowerment within local communities. Through the provision of drones as a service (DAAS) for farmers, this collaboration seeks to democratize access to advanced agricultural technologies and promote inclusive growth in rural areas.
Importantly, individuals interested in acquiring agricultural drones can benefit from government subsidies, facilitating their participation in the initiative. This enables them to offer drone services to farmers on a pay-per-acre basis, further enhancing accessibility and affordability for small-scale farmers.
The DAAS model enables farmers to access drone technology through rural drone entrepreneurs at a per-acre cost, streamlining agricultural operations and improving efficiency. Furthermore, drone owners and service providers can enroll with Marut under the Drone as a Service (DAAS) program to receive incentives on spraying services, incentivizing their involvement in the initiative.
Commenting on the partnership, Prem Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of Marut Drones, highlighted the transformative impact of technology on modern agriculture stating, “This collaboration signifies a paradigm shift in farming practices, allowing farmers & service providers to minimize direct contact with pesticides, thereby safeguarding their health. Furthermore, the utilization of drones addresses labor shortages by completing tasks in a fraction of the time it would take manually, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and farm yield.”