IIL hosts free vaccination drive for over a lakh canines on Zoonosis Day

The initiative by IIL administered vaccine to 21 states and 100 centers in the country aiming to promote the One Health concept nationwide

New Delhi: Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) has successfully conducted a large-scale anti-rabies vaccination drive, administering free vaccinations to over a lakh canines across India in commemoration of Zoonosis Day.
This initiative, aimed at highlighting the importance of “One Health” — the harmonious coexistence of animals, humans, and the ecosystem — underscores IIL’s commitment to public health and disease prevention.
Zoonosis Day, observed annually on July 6th, focuses on diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans. IIL organized numerous vaccination camps in collaboration with veterinary dispensaries, NGOs, and veterinarians nationwide.
The initiative saw more than 100 centers across 21 states administering doses of RAKSHARAB, IIL’s renowned anti-rabies vaccine, to combat the high prevalence of rabies in India. Rabies alone accounts for over 90% of zoonotic cases reported in the country and remains a significant public health concern, causing numerous deaths annually.
Dr. K. Anand Kumar, Managing Director of Indian Immunologicals Ltd, emphasized, “IIL is the single largest contributor for self-sufficiency to our nation in the field of vaccines. IIL has developed many vaccines that address Zoonotic diseases including the world’s first vaccine against Porcine Cysticercosis. IIL is also committed to eradication of Zoonotic diseases and actively working with the Government of Kerala, and the Municipal Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram to make Kerala Rabies Free.”
The economic impact of rabies transmitted by dogs is estimated at $8.6 billion, according to the WHO. India’s high rabies incidence is attributed to its large stray dog population of approximately 60 million and a lower vaccination rate. Vaccination remains the most cost-effective method for preventing the disease, as demonstrated by other countries’ success in reducing human rabies deaths through dog vaccination programs. Through ongoing research and innovation, Indian Immunologicals continues to lead in disease prevention and control, bolstering India’s healthcare infrastructure and contributing to global health security.