Manipal Hospital highlights importance of early detection from a doctor’s personal battle with cancer

The objective of the event was to empower the fight against cancer and spread hope to those who are battling cancer

Image-(L-R) Manipal Hospitals organized World Cancer Day and invited cancer warriors to share their journey and empower the fight against cancer and the doctors highlighted the technological improvements in cancer care. Here is a photo from the event - Dr. Nitin Yashas Murthy, Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty, Dr. Hemanth G N, Dr. Amit Rauthan, Dr. Poonam Patil, along with Ms. Susan Abraham (67) (Pseudomyxoma peritonei Cancer), Ms. Chhavi Mittal (breast cancer survivor), Dr. Vinutha Laxman (breast cancer survivor), Dr. Manish Rai and Dr. Ashish Dixit.
Bengaluru: This year, Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road decided to celebrate cancer warriors on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The objective of the event was to empower the fight against cancer and spread hope to those who are battling cancer.
Ms. Chhavi Mittal, a renowned Indian film and television actress who is also a breast cancer warrior enlightened the event by sharing her journey toward recovery. The highlight of the event was the miraculous and successful treatment of Ms Vinutha an MBBS doctor who suffered from Breast cancer and Mr Asis Patnaik who was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma. The expert team of doctors diagnosed and treated both complex cases and helped them get back to normal life.
Keeping in mind the struggle that all cancer warriors experience, our Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care team carried out this initiative to empower the fight against cancer. Cancer survivors along with Ms. Chhavi Mittal spoke about their journey to spread message and create hope to those suffering from cancer. There were 2-panel discussions organized at the event where the team of medical oncologists and hematologists spoke extensively about the importance of early detection, screening, and advanced treatment methods which can help in fast recovery.
Speaking on the initiative MS. Chhavi Mittal, Indian film and television actress said, “I would like to thank Manipal Hospitals for organizing this event where the cancer warriors can inspire people with their experience. I am also a breast cancer survivor and I know that along with the medication, mental strength and courage do help fight this battle. It is essential to follow the routine and medication set by your doctors for immediate recovery.”
At the panel discussions, oncologists spoke extensively about the cases attended and the advanced treatment options which can help recover from the disease. One of the cases was of Dr Vinutha Laxman who is a doctor by profession and was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She came forward to share her experience to inspire more people. The journey began with a lump in her left breast which was neglected during the initial days. Later the patient got an MRI done which resulted positive for Breast cancer. The patient detected a lymph node which indicated that the cancer was spreading faster than expected. Without wasting more time Dr Vinutha approached the doctor from Manipal Hospital looking for hope for faster recovery. After looking at the report Dr. Poonam Patil, medical oncologist meticulously planned her patient’s treatment with chemotherapy for 3 months, radiotherapy for 20 days, and breast surgery. After all the treatment Dr Vinutha recovered successfully.
Commenting during the panel discussion Dr. Amit Rauthan, HOD & Consultant – Medical Oncology and Dr. Poonam Patil, Consultant – Medical Oncology, Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road said, “In most cases women tend to neglect frequent checkups and symptoms which can lead to delay in diagnosis. It is essential to do self-examination and get test at regular intervals which includes mammography, MRI, breast ultrasound etc which can help in early detection. Today, there are many advanced treatment methods that can help recover from the disease i.e. with the help of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy etc.”
For the second panel discussion, a team of hematologists discussed about the advanced treatment method for blood and bone marrow cancer. One of the cases discussed on the successful treatment methods to fight blood cancer was of Mr Asis Patnaik.
 Mr Asis is a 51-year-old individual who is an IT professional was diagnosed in the year 2015. He used to get his vitals tested twice and during those tests, the patient detected that his creatinine level was high. It was later when the doctors detected that Mr. Asis was suffering from multiple myeloma which caused the block in his kidney. The disease was diagnosed by Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty from Manipal Hospital who detected disease at the right time. He and his team of doctors planned and structured the treatment process for the patient. The doctor recommended chemotherapy and Bone marrow transplant which helped improve the quality of life.
Dr. Ashish Dixit Consultant – Haematology and Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty Consultant – Haematology, Haemato Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplantation Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road said “Doing frequent checkups is essential for people who are prone to suffer from blood cancer. Although detecting and treating blood cancer is not completely curable however the current advanced treatment methods can help patients live a normal life. It is essential to monitor the health condition and the reaction to the treatment, as this type of cancer can recur anytime. Nowadays Immunotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplants, Radiation therapy etc are the better treatment methods to help patients live a quality of life.
The event commenced with felicitating all the cancer survivors and a message for all that there is a hope for all those suffering from cancer due the advancement of technology and treatment method. However, it is always better to detect your cancer at an early stage for a quick recovery.