Ninjacart’s 2023 Report: 80% of farmers see better livelihoods, 91% increased income

Comprehensive survey highlights significant economic and quality of life enhancements for India's agricultural workers

New Delhi: Ninjacart has released its Ninjacart Impact Report 2023, showcasing the company’s positive impact on the lives of agricultural workers.
The report, compiled in partnership with 60 Decibels, surveyed 600 agricultural workers nationwide and underscored Ninjacart’s role in improving their quality of life.
The findings reveal that 80% of Ninjacart users have experienced an enhanced quality of life, with notable improvements in business growth, stress reduction, increased income, and better access to information and markets. This reflects Ninjacart’s dedication to advancing the agricultural sector through innovations in commerce, logistics, and finance, aiming to empower farmers, traders, and retailers across the agricultural value chain.
The report highlights that 91% of traders, 81% of retailers, and 79% of farmers have seen increased incomes, attributing this to business growth facilitated by Ninjacart. Additionally, many users accessed similar services for the first time, with 97% of traders, 84% of retailers, and 67% of farmers reporting no prior access. 
Trust in Ninjacart’s offerings is also high, with 92% of traders, 88% of retailers, and 87% of farmers considering the services trustworthy. Farmers, in particular, found selling their produce more convenient, and 83% reported improvements in farming practices, including crop diversification and better use of inputs.
Kartheeswaran KK, CEO and Co-Founder of Ninjacart remarked, “Our new vision, ‘Better Lives for Every Agri Citizen,’ reinforces our commitment to revolutionising the agri-tech sector and promoting financial security and growth opportunities for everyone throughout the agricultural value chain. Our journey has focused on inclusivity and accessibility, emphasising our dedication to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone involved in the agri value chain.”
He added, “While many sectors in India have experienced tech-driven disruption, agriculture is just on the brink of its transformative moment. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of agri-trade, our mission remains clear: to leverage technology, data, and innovation to drive meaningful change.”
Ninjacart’s latest report reaffirms its pioneering role in addressing India’s agricultural challenges. With a network exceeding half a million agricultural workers and a presence in over 100 cities, Ninjacart remains dedicated to fostering growth and driving positive change within the sector.