Panacea Biotec bags US $127.30 million for supply of pentavalent vaccine

UNICEF award is worth US $98.755 million for supply of around 99.70 million doses during calendar years 2023-2027

New Delhi: Panacea Biotec, one of India’s leading biotechnology companies, has received long-term supply awards worth US $127.30 million from UNICEF and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for supply of its WHO pre-qualified fully liquid Pentavalent vaccine, Easyfive-n (DTwP-HepB-Hib).
UNICEF award is worth US $98.755 million for supply of around 99.70 million doses during calendar years 2023-2027 and PAHO award is worth US $28.55 million for supply of US $24.83 million doses during calendar years 2023-2025.
Paediatric vaccination plays an important role to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, in particular the target to reduce under-five mortality rate to less than 25 per 1000 live births. Pentavalent vaccine protects children against five deadly diseases: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B and invasive infections caused by Haemophilus Influenza Type b – becoming the foundation of paediatric immunization programs across the world.
Easyfive-n is the world’s first fully liquid wP-based Pentavalent vaccine that was launched in India in 2005. After receiving WHO prequalification in 2008, more than 150 million doses have been supplied to over 75 countries globally. EasyFive-n is a ready-to-use combination vaccine that does not require preparation by healthcare workers at the clinic, reduces the number of visits to vaccination centres, and reduces the overall cost of immunisation for all stakeholders.
As per Human Vaccines and immunotherapeutics, the fully-liquid Pentavalent vaccine has been hailed as a “Breakthrough in India’s Universal Immunisation Program” with having averted more than 7 million cases, averted around 31,000 deaths, and total benefits exceeding US $1 billion in daily savings in India.
Dr. Rajesh Jain, Managing Director, Panacea Biotec said, “We are delighted to receive the notification of UNICEF and PAHO awards for Pentavalent vaccine at this important juncture in Panacea Biotec’s journey. As we celebrate India’s 75 years of independence ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, this showcases the growing role India plays to support global health.”
“We are excited to continue to save lives by supporting U.N. Agencies and partners for global immunization programs and to bring to market additional vaccines in coming years to meet programmatic needs of UNICEF and PAHO,” added Jain.