Shalby Hospitals hosts SCRICON 2024 advancing cancer research and treatment

Ahmedabad hosts inaugural conference fostering collaboration among oncology experts to advance cancer care and treatment strategies

New Delhi: Shalby Hospitals in Ahmedabad hosted the inaugural ‘SCRICON 2024,’ marking a significant milestone for the Shalby Cancer Research Institute’s annual event.
Themed ‘Empowering Tomorrow: Innovations in Cancer Care and Beyond,’ the conference united over 200 researchers, healthcare professionals, and leading oncology experts to explore groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and collaborative efforts in the fight against cancer.
The event featured keynote presentations, panel discussions, and poster sessions. Dr. Viraj Lavingia, Head of Medical Oncology at Shalby Hospitals, emphasized, “‘SCRICON 2024’ is more than a conference; it’s a convergence of minds dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cancer research and treatment. We are thrilled to host some of the brightest minds in oncology and witness groundbreaking discussions that will shape the future of cancer care.”
Participants engaged with renowned oncologists and researchers, fostering meaningful connections and potential collaborations. Dr. Rakesh Shah, Cluster Chief Operating Officer of Shalby Hospitals, highlighted, “Our aim with ‘SCRICON 2024’ was to create a platform where experts from diverse fields could share knowledge, exchange best practices, and explore the latest advancements in oncology. This collaborative spirit is essential to improving patient outcomes and driving innovation in cancer treatment.”
Dr. Nishita Shukla, Group Chief Operating Officer of Shalby Hospitals, reiterated the institute’s commitment to cancer research and patient care. “The conference is an expression of our commitment to advancing the understanding of cancer and working towards a brighter future for those affected by this disease. Shalby Cancer Research Institute is dedicated to combating cancer through its clinicians and support team across all its hospitals in India.”
The Shalby Cancer Research Institute focuses on creating awareness for cancer prevention, providing state-of-the-art treatments, and conducting clinical research and academic activities. SCRICON 2024 has set the stage for ongoing efforts to enhance cancer research and treatment, ensuring a positive impact on patient care and outcomes.