BioVoice eMagazine July & August 2024 | Issue 4 | Volume 5

The Cover Story tracks how biosupplier industry is powering India’s smart biotech labs and profiles the leading 20 companies. Read interview of Amit Patjoshi, CEO of Palladium India. Expert Insights by Dr Avinash Phadke, President & Mentor, Agilus Diagnostics, Harsh Vardhan Bhagchandka, President, IPL Biologicals and A P Sinha, Director, Farlense Group.

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Biosupplier industry adopts digital tech to fuel innovation
With influx of digital technologies and automation, facilitated mostly by the global biosuppliers, the biotech laboratories in India are fast evolving into super smart R&D powerhouse
Profiling Top 20 Bio-Suppliers
Listing the contribution of leading technology providers towards biotech industry in India.

Transforming Cancer Care
Dr Avinash Phadke, President & Mentor, Agilus Diagnostics explains how with advancements in diagnostics, precision medicine is paving the way for a new era in cancer care, significantly improving patient outcomes

Hope floats in the war on Mosquito Menace
Pune based startup has developed a unique eco-friendly product to target the multiplication rate of the mosquitoes by attacking the source

The Evolution of the Indian Medical Imaging Industry
The journey of medical imaging in India reflects a blend of innovation, accessibility, and progress, writes Navjot Singh, Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare

Climate-resilient agricultural practices remain our top priority in next 12-15 months
Amit Patjoshi, CEO of Palladium India explains the emerging trends in agriculture, company’s focus on sustainable practices and future outlook

Small Tech, Big Impact: Indian Farmers Are Choosing Microbots for Agriculture
Given the fact that sustainability is the current trend, microbes are here to make and save Indian agriculture, writes Harsh Vardhan Bhagchandka, President, IPL Biologicals

From Illusion to Actuality: Transforming Formal Agriculture Credit
A P Sinha, Director, Farlense Group argues why like all consumers and organizations, farmers credit rating should be in public domain and be linked to the availability of loan and rate of interest.

Click to Read: July/August 2024 Edition of BioVoice eMagazine