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Nova Dairy implements climate smart practices in their supply chain

The program emphasized on changing the housing system; to benefit farmers, for animal welfare and manure management

Cargill launches dairy feed ‘Milkgen 10000’ in Maharashtra to boost profitability...

With Cargill’s formulation technology, 'Milkgen 10000' delivers a balanced protein and starch content and is meticulously designed to increase milk production along with milk components, fat and solid not-fat.

US $25 million grant sanctioned to strengthen Animal Health System of...

Impact of project would be to reduce risk of a pathogen emerging from animals to be transmitted into human population

Purshottam Rupala emphasizes the role of women power in dairy industry

18 dairy cooperatives in India currently operated by women, the minister informed at Women-led Sustainable Development through Dairy Cooperatives-W20 Janbhagidari event in Anand

Mr Milkman ventures into B2B product ecosystem with DMS in India

By automating demand generation and optimizing order fulfilment, DMS will enhance the distribution process and effectively eliminate wastage and inefficiencies for the agriculture, food and beverages industries

Nova Dairy becomes only carbon-positive dairy company in India

At the heart of Nova Dairy's business practices is a commitment to environmental sustainability

Anicut Capital invests Rs 7 Crore in agri-tech startup Uzhavarbumi

Invested funds to be harnessed towards strengthening technology stack, packaging, machinery and manpower

India’s inspiring dairy sector makes a mark globally

Accounting for 23% of global milk production, Indian dairy industry continues to be a role model for entire agriculture ecosystem

India must also aim to become the world’s biggest dairy exporter:...

Indian Dairy Association’s 49th Dairy Industry Conference in Gandhinagar culminates

Danfoss presents sustainable solutions for Indian Dairy Industry at Refcold 2022

At the recent Refcold 2022, Danfoss India presented futuristic solutions for the Indian dairy sector with an aim to transform India’s dairy sector as the world’s largest sustainable dairy production player