CitiusTech recognized as market leader in HFS Horizons report

HFS Research commends CitiusTech for innovations driving improved patient care and operational efficiency

New Delhi: CitiusTech has been acknowledged as a Horizon 3 Market Leader in the latest HFS Horizons: HCP Service Providers, 2024 report. This recognition underscores CitiusTech’s pivotal role in addressing global delivery challenges faced by Healthcare Providers across primary care, acute care, post-acute, and rehabilitation services.
The comprehensive HFS Horizons report assesses 36 service providers, focusing on their ability to mitigate challenges impacting healthcare systems worldwide, such as clinician shortages, an ageing population, chronic diseases, and inefficient payment mechanisms. 
Rohan Kulkarni, Executive Research Leader of Healthcare and Life Sciences Research at HFS Research, emphasized, “It is incumbent on all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to positively impact the triple aim of care, to reduce the cost of care, enhance the experience of care, and improve health outcomes. CitiusTech has shown the ability to do that with growing consistency driving confidence to sustain its performance across the horizon.”
John Squeo, Senior Vice President – Healthcare Provider Market at CitiusTech, highlighted, “At CitiusTech, we understand the seismic shifts in the Healthcare Providers landscape towards value-based care. Patient satisfaction is now fundamental to financial success.” 
He added, “By leveraging our deep clinical and technical expertise, we are empowering Providers with innovative solutions that transform patient experiences into personalized and meaningful interactions. Our investments in GenAI and patient experience platforms such as Salesforce address accessibility issues, while data analytics and AI optimize workflows and decision-making. Recognizing the persistent challenges of documentation burden and workforce strain, we prioritize intelligent automation to balance efficiency with the necessary human oversight, ensuring quality and safety.”
The report recognized CitiusTech’s robust value proposition in simplifying technologies and enhancing safety, coupled with its expertise in interoperability, data foundation, automation, and patient/provider experiences. It highlighted the company’s partnerships with industry leaders like MS Azure, AWS, Google, Salesforce, Snowflake, Databricks, and UiPath from 2020 to 2023. These alliances support its innovative solutions like Re-imaGen AI, PERFORM+ DataScale, and RealSight Price Transparency, aimed at enhancing healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies. 
In recent years, CitiusTech strategically expanded its portfolio through key acquisitions, including Wilco Source in 2022 and Fluid Edge Consulting in 2020. The company has also forged partnerships with leading technology providers to enhance its suite of solutions.
CitiusTech employs targeted strategies to serve large health systems, hospitals, and payviders through strategic partnerships and flexible commercial models. This approach results in enhanced provider enterprise customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter scores (NPS), accelerated time to value with quicker development and implementation cycles, operational efficiencies leading to cost savings, and improved health outcomes by reducing emergency department visits and hospital readmissions.