GOQii UK and Modality Partnership transform patient care in the UK

Targeted interventions deliver promising results for chronic condition management

New Delhi: In an era when healthcare challenges are escalating, GOQii UK, a branch of the leading smart preventive healthcare company GOQii Inc., is elevating patient care markedly throughout the United Kingdom.
In a formidable collaboration with Modality Partnership, an award-winning leader in delivering primary and community care services across the UK, GOQii UK has broadened its impact significantly in the last year, reaching over 3000 patients across 44 GP practices and rolling out 24 specialised condition management programmes to tackle the pressing challenge of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
The partnership between GOQii and Modality synergizes GOQii’s innovative healthcare technologies with Modality’s commitment to patient care, delivered in community and primary care settings in the NHS, serving a population of around 7,000,000 across the UK with a multidisciplinary clinical service model that includes specialist primary care physicians, hospital consultants, nurse specialists, and allied health professionals.
National Library of Medicine report showing that one in four UK residents suffers from chronic health conditions, leading to 89% of the country’s mortality rate, GOQii UK has taken decisive action. The partnership’s mission is clear: reduce the burden on the National Health Service (NHS) by overhauling the management of lifestyle- related diseases, which cost the UK economy over £13 billion annually.
In just one year, GOQii’s holistic health programmes have shown exceptional results; patients have seen an average of 5.5 mmol/mol reduction in their HbA1c level. This has been accompanied by 90% de-medicating as patients benefit from tailored, personal coaching.
At the heart of GOQii’s strategy is its robust health ecosystem, which brings together personal coaches, health experts, doctors, and diagnostic tools onto a single platform. This integrated approach allows for detailed health data analysis and personalized, actionable health advice, ensuring that each patient receives care that is specifically suited to their individual needs.
The GOQii App is a cornerstone of this strategy, creating a seamless interface between medical devices, diagnostics, doctors, and personal coaching. This integrated care model provides continuous, comprehensive support to individuals dealing with chronic conditions, simplifying complex healthcare needs into manageable, effective solutions.
“We started operations in the UK to collectively pioneer a holistic approach that empowers individuals to take ownership of their health journey, thereby ensuring a healthier and more contented future. GOQii is integrating personalised, real-time and actionable insights into the daily lives of people living with NCDs, enabling improved quality of life and clinical outcomes. This programme is a unique gamified approach to patient care,” says Abhishek Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of GOQii UK.
Dr Vipan Bhardawaj, Modality’s National Lifestyle Medicine Director states, “Our Care Management Programmes are unique in the UK and I am delighted that we are able to offer our patients hope. Hope that they can reverse aspects of ill health, hope that they can come off medication, but above all, hope that they can look forward to adding life to years as well as adding years to life.”
It was in 2022 that GOQii announced its UK operations and its commitment to delivering a range of lifestyle and condition management services to improve the health of patients. This was fully aligned with Modality’s NHS values and also the NHS’s long- term plans to promote healthier living and prevention. The commitment also included investing £10 million in the UK’s healthcare sector over the next 5 years, thus demonstrating GOQii’s dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in patient care.