INVEX Health develops oral fluid-based HIV self-test

Recently acquired the global licensing rights for a patented product addressing Psoriasis

New Delhi: INVEX Health has successfully developed an Oral Fluid-Based HIV Self-Test, a ground-breaking product currently undergoing validation in India.
Developing this test is considerably more challenging than traditional blood-based tests, with only one company worldwide having achieved commercialization with WHO pre-qualification.
Inspired by a vision to provide quality and affordable diagnostic solutions to combat the HIV epidemic, the company dreams of bringing this pioneering test to African patients in need.
In a significant stride towards expanding its therapeutic offerings, INVEX Health has recently acquired the global licensing rights for a patented product addressing Psoriasis. By manufacturing this product in India and gradually making it available in various markets at an affordable price, it has been revolutionizing the treatment landscape for individuals affected by Psoriasis. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to innovation in patient care.
“Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers, we ensure that a diverse range of high-quality medicines are readily available to patients. Our commitment to facilitating access to medicines and breakthrough products for patients is unwavering” added Anudesh Goyal, Founder, INVEX Health.
“By leveraging our extensive network and market expertise with our diverse portfolio spanning pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices, and imaging solutions, we serve as a bridge between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals, facilitating effective product launches and promoting wider accessibility for patients. We also aim to provide access to quality diagnostic and treatment solutions for various difficult-to-treat diseases,” asserted Anudesh Goyal.
INVEX Health is also expanding its market by offering a natural OTC antidepressant and mood boosters. which can be used by many people searching for better and safer options to deal with multiple mood disorders.
INVEX Health is also establishing itself and creating the largest platform for cancer therapy in India. Through strategic collaborations with renowned oncologists, hospitals, and cancer treatment centres, the company ensures timely access to advanced cancer treatments. By forging these invaluable partnerships, it has been making an immense difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families.
Participating in nation building is one of the key priorities for INVEX Health. So as a response to that, INVEX Health has decided to strengthen radiology facilities across the country. INVEX Health in its way to create an ecosystem to manufacture new age, portable X Ray devices. The sole purpose is to increase quality of treatment and to provide X Ray facilities at remote locations of India.
In addition to its impactful humanitarian efforts, INVEX Health has been making significant strides in the global market. The company has successfully signed licensing deals with clients around the world, as well as ventured into out-licensing agreements.