MTaI demands categorization of stents, says not against price control

In its latest statement, the Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) has conveyed to the government that while it isn't against the price control measures but believes that categorization of stents is necessary

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New Delhi: The Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) has sought the categorization of the medical stents in India. It has said that if the government believes that all stents are of same quality, then the companies must be allowed their choice of supply.

In a statement, the MTaI mentioned that it is for greater patient access and not against price control on stents. “MTaI is only for categorization so that quality & innovation are rewarded for keeping that segment attractive and viable. The National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) concluded that the later generations of stents are not superior to earlier generations. Based on this, the NPPA decided on one price for all Drug Eluting Stents. So, if all the Drug Eluting Stents are the same, the industry should have some freedom in deciding which stents to market, as long as a broad range still stays available,” it mentioned.

The statement hints towards the contradictions in the government’s policy over stents. On the one hand there are suggestions that all the stents are of same quality and at the same time, few officials feel that many stents are indeed superior over others.

“If in hindsight, the authorities feel that some Drug Eluting Stents are better than others, then there is a case for categorization of stents which is, by the way, the main point which we made to the NLEM, and continue to submit,” the statement concluded.