SOPHiA GENETICS & Strand Life Sciences enter into strategic partnership to fuel use of precision medicine

The companies will join forces to advance the use of precision medicine on a global scale 

New Delhi: SOPHiA GENETICS, a cloud-native software company in the healthcare space and a leader in data-driven medicine, has announced a strategic partnership with Strand Life Sciences, a pioneer in bioinformatics and diagnostics, to deliver innovative solutions that will fuel the use of precision medicine globally.
The new collaboration will leverage the industry-leading strengths from both companies to provide access to advanced genomics technologies, cutting-edge bioinformatics services and innovative diagnostics solutions.
Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Strand is a life sciences technology company with expertise in bioinformatics, laboratory assays, clinical research and software development. It supports an expansive global customer base with its custom applications that help expand and improve the use of precision medicine worldwide. 
“We are excited about our collaboration with SOPHiA GENETICS that will aim to take our combined expertise in bioinformatics to help partner organizations across the globe deliver next-generation precision medicine to improve patient care,” said Ramesh Hariharan, CEO and Co-Founder of Strand.
Through the broad-ranging collaboration between SOPHiA GENETICS and Strand, the two companies will use their bioinformatics expertise to expand the ability to accurately analyze key healthcare data and facilitate the use of data-driven decision-making globally. SOPHiA GENETICS will provide support via the decentralized  SOPHiA DDM™ Platform and Strand via its curated variant databases and bioinformatics solutions expertise, and the companies will collaborate on strategic test co-development, among other initiatives, that will look to improve health outcomes in India and globally. 
“Strand and SOPHiA GENETICS have a shared vision to improve patient health outcomes through precision medicine,” said Jurgi Camblong, PhD., CEO and Co-founder of SOPHiA GENETICS. “It is imperative that healthcare organizations have the ability to process previously siloed data in a timely manner and receive highly accurate results, which facilitate rapid and effective treatments for cancers and rare diseases. This strategic partnership will further enable innovation.”
The SOPHiA DDM™ Platform is designed to compute a wide array of genomic variants and continually hone machine learning algorithms. With their sophisticated technologies and bioinformatics expertise, SOPHiA GENETICS and Strand will jointly deepen their value propositions.