DocMode unveils AIDE to transform clinical decision support for doctors

AI-driven AI enhances decision-making and patient outcomes, integrates with medical records, and gains rapid adoption among healthcare professionals worldwide

New Delhi: DocMode has introduced AIDE, an innovative AI-driven tool aimed at transforming clinical decision-making and enhancing patient outcomes globally.
“After over 24 months of rigorous clinical testing & feedback with 600+ doctors, we are excited to introduce “AIDE” which stands for “Assistant for Improved Decision-making with Evidence in Healthcare”. This AI-driven tool plays a key role in decision-making,” said Hans Lewis, DocMode Founder and CEO.
 According to Hans Lewis, Founder and CEO of DocMode, AIDE is poised to revolutionize the medical field by providing robust decision support based on evidence-based practices. “We see AIDE being adopted in various countries, becoming the go-to digital medical library,” he added.
The genesis of AIDE stems from addressing gaps identified in DocMode’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) webinars and courses, where time constraints often hinder comprehensive learning. Leveraging generative AI, AIDE now offers real-time responses sourced from reliable medical databases, thereby augmenting both educational experiences and clinical practices.
Lately, there has been a significant focus on Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), which form the foundation of patient care by providing evidence-based differential diagnosis options, research support, and standard of care guidelines. CDSS tools aid physicians in understanding drug interactions and adverse event reports, prioritizing critical alerts, and minimizing disruptive alerts from non-critical indications. Particularly in low-resource settings, CDSS can be extremely cost-effective, supporting doctors in low-income and middle-income countries.
AIDE’s capabilities extend across various domains of medical science, leveraging its integration with extensive clinical guidelines, research papers, and case studies. Notably, the tool is trained on a vast repository of medical data, including 16 million PubMed datasets, to ensure accuracy and relevance in diagnostic suggestions and medical information retrieval.
Dr. Sanjit, a healthcare expert, emphasized “Imagine having a vast medical library instantly at your fingertips, to make the best possible decisions with credible medical information, AIDE is truly a big leap and a revolutionary step.”
Since its beta launch, AIDE has garnered substantial interest among healthcare professionals, with over 900 voluntary sign-ups and more than 3500 paid users within a short period. The tool’s user-friendly interface and purpose-driven features have been pivotal in its rapid adoption across various medical specialties.
According to Paulson Paul, Founder MD and Head of the AIDE Project, DocMode is continuously collaborating with a range of doctors and plans to release versions tailored to every medical specialty. He mentioned that AIDE is currently capable of reading lab reports and summarizing key points, thereby saving specialists significant time. 
“This will enable them to spend more face-to-face time with patients, which in turn will increase their efficiency. Cutting-edge tools like AIDE drives our growth even while empowering doctors worldwide,” said Paul.
DocMode is actively working with several hospitals to integrate AIDE-CDSS into their electronic medical records. “Improving decentralised clinical research, through AIDE and supporting the industry for easy-to-use, cost-effective, AIDE-integrated solutions to manage clinical data is our priority,” stated Dr. Merin Dickson, Head of DocMode Clinical Research and Development.