India offers the cheapest cancer medicine: Mansukh Mandaviya

Union health minister proclaimed that out of the 90 medicines for cancer, India gives out 42 at the cheapest rates

New Delhi: As per the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Mansukh L. Mandaviya, out of the 90 medicines for cancer, India offers 42 at the cheapest rates.
He was speaking at the inauguration of ‘Sanjeevani: United Against Cancer,’ a joint initiative by the Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation and News18 Network, with Tata Trusts as a knowledge partner.
“We are increasing cancer hospitals and tertiary care facilities. Our approach towards the health sector is holistic. We have increased MBBS and PG medical seats and colleges and created medical educational resources. Ayushman Bharat health infrastructure mission is working towards it. We launched the pharma policy yesterday. We are the pharmacy of the world in generic medicines,” he said.
“Health can never be a political subject; not commerce, it is seva for India. With time, the pattern of diseases changes. It is important to have a holistic approach towards the sector. Health can never be a political subject. We merged health with development from 2014. Not as a token, but a total gesture. Instead of just opening dispensaries, we focused on making health services accessible to all,” Dr Mandaviya added.
“The nation belongs to all its citizens, and the responsibility for its well-being lies collectively with each individual. It was this shared responsibility and collective effort that enabled the nation to effectively combat the challenges posed by COVID-19” said Mandaviya at the News18’s Sanjeevani launch event.
The primary goal of ‘Sanjeevani’ is to promote awareness, foster discussions about the silent cancer epidemic, and address the common fears associated with this critical disease. “The Sanjeevani initiative will lead to discussions and deliberations. Send a note on it to us, so we can track the suggestions coming from people. The Modi government believes in stakeholder consultation. Public partnership is integral to India’s health model. Share your ideas with us, so we can fight the diseases in the nation” the Minister added.
He acknowledged the crucial role played by the country’s 10 lakh ASHA behen, each serving a population of 1000, and highlighted their role in collecting vital healthcare information through family visits. The Minister discussed the government’s approach to cancer care, emphasizing health and wellness screening at district-level hospitals and fee waivers for impoverished patients. He noted that cancer medicines are available at non-profit prices due to India’s fixed trade margin, with a focus on making healthcare more affordable and accessible.
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