Mapmygenome users to get 3 month trial of brain optimization platform from Total Brain

The world’s first holistic brain optimization platform, Total Brain as a part of its terms of partnership with Mapmygenome, has offered 3-month trials of its digital service to latter's users


Hyderabad: Total Brain, the world’s first holistic brain optimization platform, announced on 11th February that it is partnering with Mapmygenome, a molecular diagnostics company, to offer 3-month trials of its digital service to all Mapmygenome users.

Mapmygenome’s product, Genomepatri assesses inherited and acquired genomic health risks for 100+ conditions. The results provide valuable insight into genomic predisposition to several health conditions, traits, lifestyle tendencies, drug efficacy, and more, helping pre-empt disease.

The partnership will enable Mapmygenome users to complement their genetic health profile with brain health insights by assessing their 12 brain capacities and screening for risk of mental conditions.

Users will also have access to brain training to improve areas of weakness and optimize areas of strength.

At the end of the trial period, Mapmygenome users will have the option to continue using the Total Brain service for a monthly fee.

Powered by a scientifically validated digital brain assessment and by the largest standardized neuroscientific database in the world, Total Brain helps individuals assess, rank, screen and train their 12 brain capacities, covering the areas of emotion, feeling, cognition and self-control.

Mapmygenome offers personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help people get to know more about themselves. By combining a genetic health profile and health history with genetic counseling, Mapmygenome provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians toward a healthier life.

“We are excited to partner with Total Brain to offer our users deeper insight into their brains, and the opportunity to train their brains for healthier outcomes. Total Brain’s offering is the perfect complement to our Genomepatri report and is very much in line with our focus on preventative healthcare through healthy habits,” Mapmygenome CEO, Ms Anu Acharya said,

“Core brain capacities and mental conditions are not objectively measured or monitored, leading to a variety of issues for people at home and at work.” CEO of Total Brain Louis Gagnon said.

“We are pleased to offer a free trial of our platform to Mapmygenome users, enabling them to proactively monitor their brain health and train healthy brain habits.”

Total Brain is adding to its B2B channel partnerships by engaging B2C channel partners in targeted consumer markets and this agreement represents the second consumer channel partnership for Total Brain. The trial offer will be available to Mapmygenome users beginning in first quarter of 2019.